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" Good day gentlemen, let us agree "

"good day gentlemen, let us agree" so for any of those comic aficionados out there I have a slightly sad story to tell. I live in a small town out in the suburbs called Fredericksburg. so, there used to be a few comic stores around here, most of them were downtown. until those all closed...what I didn't realize is that another little fish had opened up right near us and had been there for years until I did. I went there for the first time today. if you do live in this town you should go, the cashier knows the comics, really nice, and you can reserve.

late for an important date...

hey guys, anyone or everyone out there. I came into this party later, right before my chemical romance stepped off the stage...(who else reads the letter to us under the news tag and feels it every time) The thing is that we will still be dancing on the floor. so here I am, just popping into the party . ill be posting stuff and popping in from now on, this is my greeting to ya guys.
with love, Kate