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borraste mi comentario...

[Marumili Mili] 20:30
de donde borre tu comentario que no me acuerdo?

[Tú] 20:31
el que estaba en italiano
el de
"me restablecieron.,...."

[Marumili Mili] 20:31
no no

[Tú] 20:31
perché? :/

[Marumili Mili] 20:32
no me llego nada d q me hubieses comentado ursula

[Tú] 20:32
non si sa nulla di italiano, non è vero?
esta biem

[Marumili Mili] 20:33
no entendi nada de lo q pusiste

[Tú] 20:33
jaja traducilo en el traductor ;D

[Marumili Mili] 20:34
no me tengo ganas ursula

[Tú] 20:34
con que tenes desendientes italianos...
no... e.e

[Marumili Mili] 20:34
descendientes nooo!
descendientes son los hijos

[Tú] 20:34
you don't know nothing about italian, didn't you?
eso dice lo que te puese en italiano :P

[Marumili Mili] 20:35
te aprovechas de mi
y yo no tengo :P:P

[Tú] 20:35
ignorance is your new best friend ;)

[Marumili Mili] 20:35

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the story for my spanish class! >:D

the story for my Spanish class
well... here's the thing... I had to do a story that had something to do with a tattoo or a story about a tattoo. I started to write the story, but I can not think of anything for the tattoo part, so i ask a friend if she can wrote me this part (actually, I liked a lot...)
I inspire in the song: "this is how i Disappear"
hence the title....
everyone liked my story ... do not know if it really is as good ... but you just never know...
be honest! ;D

sorry is in spanish! c:

Así es como desaparecí

Era una linda tarde de verano, estaba durmiendo en mi cama y podía ver como la luz del sol llenaba poco a poco mi habitación, viendo esos rayos de luz con pequeñas partículas de polvo flotando.
Odiaba mi vida, era un hombre de clase media, de 29 años, no tenía ni esposa ni hijos, mi familia era muy chica y tenía solo 2 amigos verdaderos.
Lo sé… mi vida era muy miserable, al menos para mí.

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I listen this song all the day!!! *¬*

i think than i falling in love of Pete Burns, is sooo freaky!!! xD
is a fucking diva boy!!! >:3

you spin me right round, baby

right round like a record, baby

right round round round

you spin me right round, baby

right round like a record, baby

right round round round


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The worst fear is life

The worst fear of a child is the Coco.
The worst fear of a teenager is grow.
the worst fear of a adult is die alone.
and the worst fear of an old man is die knowing that more could have enjoyed more his life...

you just need be fucking yourself and enjoy your life, because life is just one and we have to seize of it.

Live each day as if it were the last! ;)

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i have a adiccion and it's KEANE

I love Kane
haha, I just had to say that!
I always felt very identifiable with the songs.
especially when I was younger, because my childhood was not very nice thank my classmates...


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~Rawr~ my pet looks like Gee >.<

yes... I know, I need a hobby

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Frank has a tattoo of search and destroy for the song of Iggy Pop?

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I'm officially jealous ...

the girl who sings it was the former girlfriend of the guy I liked ... xD

and then I found out that she is in a band.
always my friends said than she was gonna singing lessons, but never thought to sing so well.

the best cover of Numb than i never hear!! O__O

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a band has my name!

I like this song ... :D


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blur u.u

i'm so sorry for what i going to say, but I agree with this comment:

"When you look for a song Called Sing on Youtube, and My Chemical Romance Glee songs come up Long Before You Become this ... what of the world."

do not misunderstand I fucking love MCR, but this song came to me first... and I love this too much!

forgiveness, but Blur is my favorite band ...