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going to rock out all summer long

when i say rock out i mean ROCK out all summer long
i got this rolling stones top 500 rock songs i have vowed to listen to ALL of them
1 a day till i finish
i am praying that i will learn more about where rock was discovered and punk like the romones(i think i spelt that right?)
and the betteles,the cure,and all of the 80's and 90's rock and punk bands
i really want to learn about all of it!
well i probably cant learn about it but figure it out on my own but i still wanna try to get more musicly aquainted
anyway its summer anything can happen and its gunna be funz!


one more week of school!

i cant wait till im free of that slut invested school!
i have 5 more days! 5!!!!!!!!
we were supossed to get out on the 4th but we had so many snow days they added an extra week
i cant wait till summer vacation!
im going to see greenday on broadway in a couple of weeks and going to colorado maine newhampshire and maybey even flordia!
cant wait till da concerts and mayham!
and durring the summer i INTEND to explore my pyro side more and de dangerous side muwahahahahaha!
what u guys doin for summer vaca.?



life is going easy
friends are being friends
summer love definatley
more shorts, yes
swimming everyday, yes
going to places, well lets just say im going to NY PA MN NH FL & NJ
love u all
and take care


moving :)

ok i is moving
but im moving to the other end of town :(
well theres more
b4 we started moving i was drawling a pic and i thought i put it away and now i cant find it!
it was awzumez to!
my best one yet(in my opinion)
well at least i get my own room in the new house and i painted it blood red WOOT!
anyway what has everyone been up to?


the girl

the girl from yesturday
has changed into


mischief? if thats how u spell it?

well ive been in a lot of it latley
mom found out i skipped skool and wont give my phone back till mon.(she found out last mon.)
almost got detention
ect. ect
u get it
well anyway
my friend and i made a bet that id wear these really short, shorts and i wore them all day and got free donuts sum dudes # and a hug by 3 random guys....yeah i was thrown off by that to
so after that embaressment my friend paid up $10
i am $10 richer! YAYS!
sooooooo idk what that has to dowith mischiefe
or mischief?
i still dont know how to spell that word
OH and consummed tons of monster and caffine! woot!



2. consumed alcohol (x)

3. slept in the same bed with someone of the oppisite sex ( )

4.slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex (x)

5.kissed someone of the same sex (x)

6.had sex( )

7.had someone in ur room other than family (x)

8.watched porn( )

9.bought porn( )

10.tried drugs (x)

total 5


new testing system?!?!? im not even used to the old 1!

exactly as the title says delaware has a new testing system that all students MUST take.
its like the DSTP's but on computer.
they r called the d-cas
yea its wierd and it stands 4...4... somthing i have not yet learned yet.
whats the real wierd thing
why did we take half of our testing on paper(dstp)
and the other half on the computer(d-cas)
im sitting in a swirly chair!


grrr stupid sunburn

i got sunburned all ovr my face and it sucks.
i also got it on my arms and my chest man everything hurts when u touch it.



my weekend has been hectic
- got a sunburn
- hung out wit tons of friends
- hurts like hell
- smoked 4 the first time
- looked at hot guys
- saw sum awsum vintage cars
- had all the cookies i can eat XD
- hugged a monster truck
- grinded on sum ppl ;)
and finally got on the computer after 4 days of not being on