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okay u know in the fake world people always say that ur emo just because u r a scene kid or wear black stuff all the time! WELL I HATE IT! DONT CHU? im mean it just furiates meh that they give u a lable and what not why cant we just al get 2gether! its kinda like if ur diff. they outcast u ! well at my school if u r a guy and u act like u r gay or are gay or pretending to be gay u will actullaly become the head of the food chain! ik my school is messed up compleatly!
u know how mcr curses alot evan though there r little kids like mua (im like 13) but i dont fricken care they can cuse right in front of me and i wont give a fuck see i evan curse and some parents r ovr protctive like mine about cusing im not evan allowed to say sucks now dats just wrong! when i bought the first versiopn of the black parade u know how its not censored i got grounded 4 two weeks still grounded i somtimes hate adults they always tell u what to do they had to be told what to do and how they didnt like it so why do they have to do it to us!
i am so syked about dis halloween coustume contest i wanna win so bad! REALLY BADLY! id love to have that pack! im gonna dye my hair platniumn blonde like gerard way had it.
holy shit dude!
HOLY FUCKIN GOD DUDES I HAVE A FRIEND FROM ITALY DUDE THAT IS SO AWSOME IM FROM AMERICA EAST COAST DELAWARE NOTHING SPECIAL! (but i do live very close to were mikey and gerard way grew up and i think r recording?) BUT ITALY DUDE THATS AWSOME I HAVE ABSILUTLY NO FRIENDS FROM OUT OF THIS COUNTREY except 4 one that lived in japan 4 four yrs But dats diff. since he was stationed here in dover But anyway back to topic HOLY FUCKIN GOD ITALY!
wierd luck charms reply to gerard!
i dont blame gerard 4 those wierd turkish eyes grossing him out they gross me out to1 i could definetly image those be transformed into marshmellows if the breakfeast ceral becomes an x-rated one!
mcr city
the city in da backround i would love to live in because its all demolished and no one could ever live there and id be alone away from every body away from the stupid fricken stalkers at meh school that go through everything thats mine!!!! fuckin 8th graders!
human wreakage
Im the kind of human wreckage that you love !!!!!!!
dose any one know when the next concert after the one in march in aulstralia? i wonder when there doing one close to delaware or phili it would be awsome if they did one in the swarts center in dover right down the street from mehs house! yays!
sogy from the chemo!
turn away if u =could get me drink of water cause my lips r chapped and fadded call my aunt marie help her gather all my things and barry me in all my fav colors my sis. and my brothers still.
this is my fav. pic because it shows u gee it shows u in many ways i wish ur hair was still like this but u r beutifull evan though i am only 13 and only from delaware you r .. r... awsome to u... g.