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franken berry
i am on a hunt to find this delicious ceral... my friend had it at her party and i have been having a craving for it recently.
look at this...
fuckin pic.! guess who made it ... oh come on geuss.. DATS RIGHT ME! my first real work of art of course i looked at the computer on and drew it on my desk wich i dont know why i did, but look at it this is what it would look like in its finished state. right now it is currently a bunch of lines and shadows with no color but look at it its awsome. you might be saying why i pixed this pic. ? well for one it showing her smiling and crying at the same time which i would think that would be her saying goodbye or saying helo and the eisines ofthe pic.
life for the being
my life revoles around mcr for the being, am very fasinated in the rock world and the gameing one read some of gerards blogs and played the games he suggested i might say they very fun indeed. I am in grade school currently and hating every part of it. but of course a lot of u r going to say that education is important and ull need it later on. but all i want to do is draw, im preaty good at it surprisingly! i mean im not like gabriel ba or becky collenan (i think thats how u spell her name) speaking of artists there art is so fuckin awsome gabriel ba is the most talented peron i will meet.
desert song
they hold our hearts the sword and the faith sweled uo from the rain clouds move like a wraith well after all, we'll lay another day? and through it all we'll find some other way to carry on through cartilage and fluid and did you cme to stare or wash away the blood? well tonight, well tonight will it ever come? spend the rest of your days rokin out just for the dead well, tonight will ever come? i can see you awake anytime in my head did we fall down?
only wish
my only wish my only wish... the only thing i want in the world is meet gerard way... ik lots of people do but that is al i want nothing more just meet him and talk to him he is my idol my hero and my favorite aruthor (i just know i spelt that shit wrong) but any way it would mean the world no the UNIVERSE anr other ones if i meet my god! but dreams wil be dreams that will never happen i geuss thats why they call tham dreams... *sigh* i mean seriously how can u look at this face and say i dont love or resist it... well i cant thats for sure
worry- a missuse of your imagination duck tape its like the force it has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together its fuckin awsome! im just the kind of human wreakage that you love STARSMUCKS COFFEE!!!! (yummy)
writeing wth a broken pencil is pointless!
dont cry my baby u r safe now... no one will leve you... no one will let u die dont cry baby u r mine now... u will still count down the days to go... but u will know ......... that i you so dont cry my baby cause tommorow wil be diff tomorrow will be better because u will forget about the chemo and the pain...cause you will be with me.... you wil be with the one that ... loves you dont cry
there is to much of it in da world. i mean u know when ur in 4th grede ur hw is like study spelling words and thats it but ounce u hit 6th and 7th grade ur hw tripples in size in in work i mean u got rd 20 pgs. of this bok and do 1-20 in ur math book and theres like a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h, for each question i meani just got a hw assingment to do and it is finish writting promt im like what writting promt i havent evan started it! and i have to finish it tonight! WHAT WORLD DO WE LIVE IN TODAY!
dont worry
dont worry mikey i dont tell mom jokes there so dum um no efense to anyone who tells them i just think there immature and what not. i dont promise u to keep the blogging clean cause i just cussed in like 4 of my blogs i think i cant count right! c gerard dosent evan keep it clean how do u suspect meh to cusing is kinda like a curse and u cant break free for like 4eva!