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i know i just spelt that shitz wrong but i EATIN STRAWBERRYS ANY ONE WANNA TALK! or vent uve got one high girl here to talk.. SO FIRE AWAY!
my poems!
these r my poems that i am just gonna make up on the spot ummm... let me see wat i got?
i need help!
I need some major help! i am still trying to figure out scence politics... i mean i got down the basics but i can never figure it out! rember i am like a blind llittle girl that has just been un blined by something amazing! okay that waz bad becasue im an ass but any way.. I NEED HELP !!! if any body knows it or can help me please comment PLEASE!
The funniest thing EVER happened to me today.. well not me but a friend! okay my friends got all pissy at our spanish teacher and somewhere along the way i got lost but this is how it ended! Teacher: "i can touch u if i want to touch you!" Friend: "i hate u!" HAHAHAHA LMFAO i laughed all period and next! my mind just went off with that comment LOLZ! that just made my day! (evan though i waz pissed because i am up to my neck in hw this weekend) haha comment onthis message to tell me what funny thing happened to u today? xoxo G.
am on the couch drinking tee and studying for my to tests tomorrow and who dosnet like test on fri.. wish i wasnt studying and playing the gutair but my mom wants school to come first then guitar practices so i dont get distracted and yet im distracted... wathching ncis in my long black shirt that says elvis on it in silver little rinstones thinking of gerard... i gueess ill blog tommorow xoxo G.
am proud
am proud to be part of the mcrmy and love them till i die! but one ting thats stoping me i hurt all ovr! like theres a million needels going in me and u know how u get a shot and ur arm feels a little crampy mine feels like that but a thousand times worse and did i ever mention that I HATE ABSOLUTLY HATE NEEDLES I FEAR THEM THE R MY ENEMYS! im serious i hurt all ovr and if i hurt all ovr how will i fight?
gun violence!
okay as some of u may know or heard about if u watched the news this week central middle school had a student bring a gun to school he had it in his backpack wit the 6 bullets in his pocket unfortunatly i go to that school and unfortunatly i know the dude but not that well i just see him down the hallways and reconize his name which i wouldnt consider any of u if that is what u cal knowing some one but anyways some how everything about the situation, ifelt calm during it all, during the panic and the constont controlling of my mother and her lectures about it i felt calm i didnt evan care for
heys look at this!!!
i will upload more pics soon check em out! ohhh and i think one is my currentbox of frankken berry yummmy!
I am so hype.. right now!
i am so HYPE right now so im just gonna say random shitz... did u know that mushrooms dont usually wear bathrobs COOOKKKIIIEEEZZZZ!!!! GUMMMYYY BEEAARRSSS cant wait till halloweenz!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! smiley face DAMN ITS GERARD WAY FRANKIREO RAY TORA MIKEY WAY BOB BRYUAR (i thnk i spelt that wrong ardvarks mexico ducks cellphones franken berry gerard way i think thats it?