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its only fuckin 7:04pm and i am tierd! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! i neeeddd caffine... i waz going to go to this fright feast tonight but its pouring and my dad is being a bum and wont let me have someone ovr or go to the fright feast and i think its called fest... yes i am sure because a feast is a big dinner soo.... that waz really random and on to my ranting... IM TIERD!!!!!!! WHYYYYY!!!!!!! help me please?
fealing down
i just saw gerard and lynz way at the hello kitty festival on u-tube.... they look really happy together!
woke up this morning wishing i hadnt.... but foceively woken up by the brightness of my room(its bright because i painted it when i was like 10 so its abright green color and this was before i got into this world of things) and my cat bounceing on my feet owwey. hmmm wwhat else had some fruit this morning for breakfeast ... cat tried to jump on the table again, squirted him with his fav. bottle of water! watched some crapy timmy turner and the anoying laugh of spongebob wishing i was watching ncis or i carly in the morning or evan better mcr on mtv hitlist! yays!
yays halloween...
IS ONLY 7 EFFIN DAYS AWAY WAHHOOOOO! YAYS FOR CANDY TEETH ROTTING GOODNESS!!!!! CANT WAIT! GETTING MY COSTUME TODAY ITS GONNA BE AWSOME! oh and easy on the candy because u cant spell halloween with out ow in the middle!! so tell me what u r doing 4 halloween?
okay it is offically 11 and now i go 2 bed goodnite mcr world!
random babling
jkhvg,khvl,jzhgc,jhyvlusygdlfiueiuyujv kyubktuytkwytfwekyftayhgchgkfuytpeurytpiueytgpiueyrbgwhgefvnhGVCgc fvgahgfdmhgsfdmghcfvsmdgvmsfdmhgftyqpooiiuytrewqasdfgfhghjklklmnnbvcxzzaadfghhjjkkklopooiiuytytwqqwertyuiokjhgfdsxcvbnmnvcxz pandas and stars are usually best friends buth latley polka doted mushrooms r getting in the way and bamboo is investing the rain forest!!1 what the fuck is happening? anywaaayyyyyyssss... um what random shitz do u have for me comment on this vlog telling me what random shitz u have in u !!! xoxo G.
i have... TONIGHT
bloggged a lot today i think ill stop around eleven in eastern time mayyyybeeeyyy! wait who will stay up with meh till then if u do yays i have buddys if u dont im ok wit that but it will be fun if u have a twitter send it to me so we can talk without allof the constant going back and forth shit so whos in it wit me !
what am i doing... welll my kat is bouning off the walls and farting every where ewwwwwy am craving more strawberries and starbucks coffee thinking of gee and mcr non stop getting my hallloween costume tommorow and loving what im getting ummm.... cant think off any thing else kat acting dumb now haha going to get fruit or a veggie burger cya l8r xoxo G.
wishing i was here right now why becasue its in the middle of everything and i would be closser to gee and i only wish for that but i am only 13 thinking of many ways to get here hey u guys comment on this message if u have an idea on how i might get here? GO GO GO GO GO!