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okay today my friends boy fiend was in front of my locker but he didnt know i was her friend so i said this is my locker and he said thee u go and he did one of those here u go things like tada things and like wat the wierd assistants do when u won sometin and and he/she is showing u it man some people at my school are so fuckin charming! ~and i thought that wasnt possible~ lolz xoxo G.
i have finnally developed callases on my fingers and now i want to play guitar all night long! i love this! so i have a questiion for u people out there in mcr land ... haw do u write songs so easily cause i wanna start and man d i have a feeling im gonna do great and be great!
2 of my fav. things
okay the first one is 2 of my fav. fruit related things and the sec s me andmeh guitar i love that thing till i die!
okay im gonna make a list of stuff that im stressing over 1. my grades as one gose up the rest go down i think theschool board is plotting against me 2. my math hw dont get it nover will 3. my looks, i am not as kol as other people and dont have wsome shirts and what not because my mother is a fucking purest and wont let me buy anything with skulls on it or a skelaton wich sucks hallowen coustume, still dont think its awsome enoughto scare little monsters on halloween think i need an axe or somtin 5. my mom cause i think she might be hiding something and she needs surgery for her arm 6.
okay on the drawling i posted ...
sorry and shit i shold have put more info. on there i am not claming it as mine not at all some one else drew that and i respect them what im doing is drawling it for fun i do it with a lot of pics since im not creative enough to draw my own pics damn it i hate it! so just to clarify things up i draw a lot of stuff over again thats not mine just for fun not TO STEAL THEM OR PLEDERISE OR COPYRIGHT OR CLAIM IT AS MY OWN CAUSE IM NOT! grr G.
currently drawling..
these three pics just imagine them without the color and a little messed up since its a rough copy but ounce im finished its gonna be awome! hope u like em's! xox G.
okay this blog is all about pics.! okay the first one is my new all time low cd its awsome and the second one is me and my friend becky and the trird is a SUPRISE! xox G.
love these two pics.! check em out hope u like em! xox G.
another what i did in school today... okay i helped my advisory teacher put up the band stands this morning since my advisopry is the band room which some people cant get enough of(not really) ummm... had a test in chorus. were testing on some songs uggg.. was bored in 3rd period science had a test in 5th period ela and 6th period (we had block todayso we had double of our main classes) lunch sucked alot ummm got turned into a gummybear wit a bitten off ear today because my friend bit it off (dont ask how) umm complimented on my friends 3 cheers for sweet revenge shirt.
okay that idea is stillin the first stage idea process and we needed help to get it off the ground if u want more info go to ninja in trainings page and read her last 2 or 3 blogs and man this thing is going to be big! so SPREAD THE FUCKIN WORD AS I SAID MAKE IT TWITTERS NUMBER ONE TALKED ABOUT AND SPREAD ITON YOUTUBE BY MAKING VIDEOS ANS FACEBOOK TELL EVERY ONE! GO!