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have u ever noticed that ever time gerard sings welcome to the black parade he dose it differently? and he never does it twice? and he is two different persons. i mean u know the original black parade video and the one when hes in this white room with the lights on the sides of the wall he looks and sings and i feel that he is a different person in it and it happens with everytime i see a preformance he just so mysterious. and a smexy speciment of man *hehe* do u think so!?!??!?!? XOX G.
no one has actually blamed me but i blame myself... i think i got all of u guys sick! i mean i started to get sick and was on the computer all day and i probably got u people sick too! i feel so stupid! im so sorry! AND IM STILL SICK ignore my profile i updated it yesturday and was feeling good on caffine and what not(as i am today) but now my sis. got my sick... AGAIN! *sobs cries*
question for anybody who knows japenese?
what is 2,609 yen in american dollars?!?!?
dover and maryland comment on this blog, i want to know so i dont feel like i am the only person on here that lives in the middle of nowwhere! and maybey we could get together and get some more ideas for the LARGEST MCR PARTY EVER! and talk about mcr of course!
IT TOOK ME THIS LONG BUT I FINALLY GOT THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY SERIES! YAYS! *happy dances* i got apocalypse suit and dallas! and might i say really good books bravo gerard! it is awsome but it has this creepy vibe to it and horror fimlish vibe! but it is really good! half way through apocalypse suit and cannot put it down! the artwork is amazing! gabriel ba' did an amazing job! i understand it all in a really messed up way that i love! i recomend u go out and get it now! unless u already have it! GO! XOX G.
hehehehehehehehehehehe*laughs like a little squirel*
my poem HOPE U LIKE IT!
hmmm since u guys liked my poems so much last time i will try to come up with something and this is just gonna be random stuff i put on the page: what is an image? some people might say its a picture on a page some might say its a colorfull blob a second grader did or a persons looks or a great artists work of art but none of those things are correct an image can be anything you imagine it to be an image is you in the mirror an image is beauty of something you see an image is .... you. hope u liked it XOX G.
OKAY TODAY I JUST REMEMBERED THAT I SAW THESES FRANKEN BERRY FROOT ROLLUPS! AND A SURPLUS OF IT! AND THERE WAS BOO BERRY AND THE DRACULA ONE! i remembered so late because i gots hungry and i webt to look for food and i found the fruit rollups! awwww they r so good! *num num**yummy's in my tummy's* just thought id share that with you all! XOX G.
I wrote ur name in the...
i wrote ur name in the sand but the waves washed it away i wrote ur name in the sky but the wind blew it away i wrote ur name in the waves but the current carried it away i wrote ur name in my heart and forever it will stay~ XOX G.
dont cry...
dony cry.... im here dont cry.... u will be safe dont cry.... u are with me now dont cry... cause id hate to see u dont cry... cause...cause i love u... forever~ XOX G.