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SO MUCH CHEER....and food

This place is sooo lively with christmas cheer!
I hope everyone is spending what every they are celebrating today with the ones they love :)
For me and my family christmas is full of food, people, booze, and good times :)
Just came back from dinner and im in a food coma. I probably wont get out of it for another couple days. Thank you auntie (from my thighs) for that chocolate creme pie!
Tomorrow will be full of more festivities and lots of snowboarding!!!!!
Lets hope i dont freeze to death!


We all have them. Theres no escaping them.
They cling to everything like a disease and just eat away at what they can get ahold of.You can talk about it all you want but talking wont get rid of them.
What are you going to do about it? Thats it...Just do something about it.
Stand up, take charge, and kill the motherfucking disease.

do what makes you happy?

but how am i supposed to do that when im afraid of hurting people around me in the process?



self inflicted broken heart

I think its the worst type of broken heart b/c then you start to second geuss yourself about weither or not it was the right desision to break up with that significant other. Then u hav to deal with emotional termoil inside like what will i do now he was my life how can i live without him blah blah blah. Then comes the bitchiness to everyone else around you.

What Did I Just Do???????

i NEEEED some help.
just anyone please message me this is driving me insane and i dont know what to do X(

im not dumb

I hope im not the only kid with an overbearing over excentric over psychotic mother.
she comes up with the most dumb and ridiculous scenarios and then accuses me off them
1. they are so dumb that any normal person would have a "wtf" moment
2. she has no fucking faith in me so she comes up with shit
Im not dumb enough to put me or other people in danger.
.......Apperently she thinks i am

periphery? of mice and men?

who else is completely and utterly addicted to them??


So has anyone ever heard of how it originated?
It started in the late 90's thanks to a couple of brits(really british people are amazing) and it infused dark drum and bass beats together was more experimental than the new band you just heard that has no lead to it.
Dubstep, just like the "emo scene" took time to develop roots and solidify them. It weaved and bended. It got laughed at and was shrouded from the sun but when everything was said and done it finally broke threw and grew to be a ginormous tree with deep roots from yrs of experience.
I have never really been a die hard fan of

new songs?

i think im ready to hear em.
bring em on!