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well I've been working on this for a couple of days and im really happy on the way it turned out. Im doing a painting for each album. ive done three cheers for sweet revenge and now danger days. Next the black parade:)

Box set?

ok so im confused about the convectional weapons box set. I have no idea what a vinyl is and i dont get how it says it also comes with a digital download.I dont really understand what it comes with. i know i may sound stupid but im really confused someone please help me...

MCR art!!

Well over the weekend my grandma said we were gonna have an art day so i got some paint and pencil and got to it. it took me like 5 hours for the three cheers for sweet revenge cover and only like 30min for the black parade little dude.I also wrote the lyrics to The End, Cancer, and The Black Parade on the paper.My family said they were a little dark but i new all you guys would get the pictures.Lately ive been so obsessed with MCR all i want to draw or paint is there stuff. So tell me what you think:)

Im confused!!

Ok so i just join and i've been sending friend requests and it hasn't been working. I tried multiple times and email the website people or whatever and they haven't said anything so if anyone knows whats up can you PLEASE!!! inform my Thx:)

End of an Era

Well, I've been coming to this site for awhile now and i always read all these awesome posts and i wanted to join the fun so finally made an account. Im not used to the whole posting thing so here we go. The new site design signals the end of an era. In a way im sad but then im also so excited i can barely contain myself. i cant wait for the new album mcr5 but its also hard to let go of danger days.I will miss being a killjoy But i know whatever the next step for mrc is it will bring all us mcr fans closer together.