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"You'll never fit in much kid"

Well lets just say this week isn't going very well. At school I left a group of friends that treated me like crap only to go to a different group of friends that don't really even pay any attention to me.I mean I wasn't like starved for attention or anything but just including me in the conversation would have been nice. So right now I don't really have a group. i'm gonna hang out with some nice people and hopefully they will stay nice unlike the others. And on top of school I get home and my mother tells me that I'm dark and my music is dark.

Need help please:)

I need some cheering up right now or just a good distraction. Can anyone recommend some good songs to help clear my mind. Just something uplifting, please.It would be greatly appreciated, yeah.
Good night, killjoys

Just numb

Well, the title says it all. I'm not happy, but I'm not extremely depressed. I don't know but somehow thats worse for me than actually being depressed. I can deal with being depressed i can cope, but this dang numb feeling it haunting. I hate it. I really should be sad. My friends are nonexistent, my sister thinks I'm "emo"(whatever the hell that is), and I never really happy over anything(accept MCR songs) and I feel nothing.


Well I've been working on this for awhile. I'm not quite finished,but this is pretty much it. It took me forever and I would love to hear what you think of it:)
Goodnight Killjoys

Question for all you artists out there

Well, I've been working on the pic and it's sort of a comic type thing. Yeah so right now i just have it outlined in black pen and I want to add color. Anyone know what kind of color I should use. Like colored pencils, water color that sort of thing. I'm new to the whole comic thing and I want it to have that look. So if this doesn't make any sense sorry I'm a little scatter brained, but if you get this post please help me out!

My painting:)

Yay i finally finished my painting:)Now ive done a painting for danger days, revenge, and black parade. Anyone know what i should paint for bullets?

Need Help!!

Ok. well i got a guitar today(acoustic) and i am on my own. I have to teach myself. So if anyone knows any good websites or youtude videos to help that would be awesome.And any tips would help please:)

Today Sucks(Sorry Frank)

The only good thing about today is it's frank's birthday.Other than that today sucks.I friggin love halloween except I never get invited to do anything by my "friends" Last year they all went to a halloween party i wasn't invited to and this year they all blew me off. I had plans to get together with my friend but then she got invited to go to a bunch of different things and she said that she would rather go to those instead of hang out with me watching scary movies.Alll my other "friends" have plans and none of them invited me and they know i have nothing to do.

I think i have bad friends

Well i have always hung at with the same group every since elementary school and now im in high school and i dont really know why i hang out with them.They make me feel shitty about myself and treat me like im stupid(which im not a+ student right here)and they always make plans and dont invite me. The bad thing is i dont even know if they notice how much they exclude me.I should probably just tell them how i feel but for some reason i can't. Ok im done complaining about my life now.
Goodnight My lovely killjoys.

My Poem

Utterly unknown
Tumbling, slipping, falling,
but no one ever sees.
Here I am drowning,
while they only joke and tease.

Acting, playing, lying,
but they don't look past the show.
They see the mask,
but underneath is utterly unknown.

Screaming, crying, pleading,
but they ignore the ugly truth.
Darkness lurks within me,
the light I fear is vanishing.

Gasping, startling, heaving,
but they ignore my frigid hand.
Reaching for help or air or light,
or anything to put off the end.

Deadening, numbing, nothing,
I'm crumbling within my shell.
But you would never notice,
so I will never tell.
well i