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Thank You For the Venum 19

is this the right chapter? im to lazy to check heads up- im not sure about another one today, im really trying hard to crank out more chapters *brain fizzles*

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

We had gotten dressed and headed out for free coffee. We had decided to walk since it wasn’t so far away. It was weird since we were all walking with sunglasses and hoods up until we got to the Starbucks.

Gerard grinned, “Everybody ready?” We all nodded and took off our disguises. I was laughing I was so excited but thankfully hid the laughter. This Starbucks was PACKED.

A teenager at the counter smiled huge looking at us, “OH MY GOD IT’S MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!” He shouted excited. Everyone in the Starbucks instantly looked at us. There were about six fans in there not counting the teenager at the counter.

I kind of didn’t want to do this anymore. I turned around and started to walk out but Kyle grabbed me, “You’re not going anywhere!”

I laughed trying to get him to let go, “Kyle let go of me!”

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Party Poison Traffic Report 37 (three-quel!)

i just had to post more with the awesome comments i got!

*Skeletal Fist’s P.O.V*

I knew Razor Bubbles and Glitter Exterminator had no clue what was happening. With our dad’s fighting it was confusing me to. Mom was crying, Dad was worried, and Party Poison was screaming at everyone. I was hugging Razor Bubbles in my arms as she cried.

I didn’t know what to do. I'm supposed to be her older brother and I'm Glitter Exterminator’s older cousin. I felt that I had to be in charge of them because of all the crap mom and dad are dealing with. This entire time I’ve had no time for fun. No time for myself. I was always taking care of some kid.

This entire time I’ve had no time to think about anything. I haven’t had the time to grieve over Jet Star and Kobra Kid’s deaths not to mention Flaming Pup. I missed him. I missed GJ too. They were my best friends. I want them to come back. I want it to be like after mom and dad blew up the BLi building and everything was okay.

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Party Poison Traffic Report 36 (three-quel!)

all i have to say is "why did i even write this?!"

*Satellite Bullet’s P.O.V*

I ran into the radio room where Dr. D as teaching Broken Bad how to use the radio set. I walked up to him, “Broken Bad I want you to meet someone I think you’ll like!” I almost sang that knowing he was probably going to act like a fan girl like when he saw Fun Ghoul.

“Um okay?” He said unsure.

Broken Bad came out with me. He got a huge mega smile, “OH MY GOD IT’S GERARD WAY!” He shouted happy.

I laughed, “Sorry Gee, he’s like a total MCR fan girl.”

“I can see…” He said pushing Broken Bad away from him.

After Broken Bad got himself together he got over the fact that this was Gerard Way, “Okay so sorry about that, I'm Broken Bad.” He smiled nervously holding his hand out.

Party Poison looked at Broken Bad’s hand for a second before shaking it, “Nice to meet you.”

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can i get some Wiccan help?

okay so ive been thinking about it for awhile, i really wanna be a wiccan. i know how to use a oujiu (i know its spelled wring) board and know a little things from friends. im starting to research it and its alittle confusing with all the point of views. im thinking about a monotheistic point of view.

any thoughts? please no hate comments. beign a catholic SUCKS


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Thank You For the Venum 18

i JUST finished this so who knows if im gonna finish the next one. i'll try as hard as i can! this has sooooo many point of views in it

*April’s P.O.V*

I drove through the rainy town looking for the stadium Rebecca had told me about. My bass was packed in the back seat along with a bag of clothes. I drove around town for like what, almost one and a half hours? I was about to give up when I finally found the stadium.

“Yes!” I cheered pulling into the parking lot.

I completely forgot my stuff in back and ran up to the black tour bus. I knocked on the door as I bounced around in place happy.

*Bob’s P.O.V*

I was the only one up at this point. Rebecca was asleep on Frank’s chest on the couch. Melody and Gerard were asleep in a bunk. Mikey and Ash were who knows where. Ray was crashed in the back on a big video game chair. I heard banging on the door and got up annoyed.

I opened the door almost not looking at the person, “Why did you intrude us?”

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Party Poison Traffic Report 35 (three-quel!)

i doubted you guys, i will not do that again!

*Party Poison’s P.O.V*

We were sitting there thinking for about an hour and a half and still had no plan. We had finally decided to just run out and shoot all the dracs we could and with luck, get out unharmed. We got ready and got our lazars along with Machete Rose’s machete. I saw Desert Sage had a purple lazar with the word ‘Delicious’ wrote on it in white. We got ready and stood by the door.

I counted to three and we ran out running as fast as we could. We passed a few dracs but we took care of them. The lobby, we made it. The lady at the desk stood up, “STOP!”

I turned around and shot her as dracs started to run to us. We tried shooting some as we headed for the door but eventually got out. There was a colored Jeep out front and we all got in. “Sweet ride!” I said looking at the dusty orange paint.

“Thanks, found it in Zone 3.” Radioactive Sunshine said driving us out of there.

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i am DOOMED!!!!!!!!

so a few months ago my parents said i could get a Kobra Kid jacket IF i keep my grades up.
its not my fault my math teacher spends about 5 seconds on every lesson then gives us a bizllion worksheets on it!!!! im seriously crying... i need help....


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Thank You For the Venum 17

i saw the commetns on 16 soooo...... HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!! *virtual hugs readers* now enjoy! im working on 18 so if i dont ficnish it before 7pm then its not gonna be posted. this+real life=piss my pants with joy

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

“Well I gotta get John home before mom has a fit. Plus I got my own kid to get to.” Nickie said breaking away from the hug.

“Tell your family I said hi not to mention my little niece.” I smiled. I had to do, I couldn’t resist. I grabbed Nickie and kissed her.

She pushed me back, “Come on hunny bunny you know it’s not like that anymore.”

I frowned looking at her with sad eyes, “I know but you’re just so god damn irresistible not to mention fucking amazingly beautiful.”

She hugged me, “Well I'm happy to hear that.” I looked at her with pleading eyes. She rolled her eyes, “Fine go ahead.”

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Thank You For the Venum 16

theres probably only gonna be two chapters today unless i suck the creativity outta my brain for another chapter, i dont we'll see if i can work my ass off for you guys

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

The rest of the concert I sat backstage trying to defeat the Helena game. I could only get up to level four though… damn game… The guys just came back.

“Finally! That show took forever!” Kyle said sitting on the couch next to me.

I put my laptop away, “Yeah I know.”

He smiled, “Wanna do something fun?” I nodded yes and he picked me up off the couch. We walked to where the fans were getting out and we stood there. “You see not many fans notice when you stand right there.”

I laughed watching the fans walk past us, “Would they like a side of epic with that fail?”

He laughed, “Isn’t that the truth.” We stood there watching fans completely ignore us. To think, if someone told them they were doing they’d probably have a meltdown.

*Frank’s P.O.V*

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unless your a big nerd like me, today is nothing! well to me it is!
one of the only 2 days of the year that celebrate star wars!!
so happy fourth everyone!

may the force be with you,