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Party Poison Traffic Report 40 (trilogy!)

*Fun Ghoul's P.O.V*

“What are you even doing here?” I asked still a little confused.

Bob sighed, “I'm done with this draculoid shit. I really want to be a killjoy and then I found out you guys were the fabulous killjoys and I set out to find you. God I met so many weird people.”

I laughed, “Like whom?” At that point Show Pony rolled into the diner and stood next to us.

Bob looked at Show Pony, “Like him… thong man.” He pointed to him.

Show Pony laughed, “Well that’s better than having Satellite calling me thong boy!”

I remembered, “OH yeah!” I turned to Satellite, “You never met Bob before!”

*Satellite Bullet’s P.O.V*

I had been smiling huge this entire time and was going to go fan girl crazy at one point or another, “Yeah I know!” I giggled slightly then stopped, “Sorry, my inner fan girl is getting out.”

Bob smiled then hugged me, “Fan girls are fans at least.”

I blushed badly, “Oh my god this is awesome.”

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tomorrow will be fun *evil laugh*

ok so tomorrow my girlfriend will be going to a Yankees baseball game tomorrow. She just told me (quoted) "im goin to a yankees game... gonna get inna fight!" then sent me a picture in a Red Sox hat and shirt.

i mean ima Yankees fan myself but tomorrow will be interesting.... she'll probably get banned from the stadium just like she did at Hollister, Ambercrombie, and Wet Seal. (dont ask) she'll probably survivethrough the game but will fight. she fights with someone where ever she is.

so im wishing luck to Nickie <3 have fun at the game! ;D

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Thank You For the Venum 21

*Ash’s P.O.V*

Mikey ran off, weird. I swear if he’s sticking forks in toasters again I will yell at him! I walked out into the front when I saw it. I ran up to the two kissing and pulled them apart. I threw him off her and punched his face, hard, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!”

Frank joined me in punching my boyfriend, “WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?” He screamed angry. The two of us stood looking at him furious.

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

I was pulled apart from my kiss and opened my eyes to shouting. I stood up confused as ever, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING?!”

Ash turned to me angry, “Are you unaware of the fact that you were just kissing him!” She pointed to Mikey who was on the floor with a shameful expression.

I stopped looking at the three of them wide eyed.

“Well what do you have to say?!” Kyle said angry. By now everyone else in the bus was watching the fight.

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poor mikey! (for anyone who's feeling down, cheer up with this!)

seriously, half the time im laughing the other half im screaming "GERARD SHUT UP! STOP TALKING GERARD! GERARD STOP TALKING! STOP TALKING!"


to the readers of Thank you for the Venum- i posted chapter 20 but only one person saw it... just thought i'd let ya know *sniff* only one person saw it...

*Party Poison’s P.O.V*

The fight almost seemed to stop, like in slow motion. I could only hear three things right now. My heart beating and two voices. The two voices, one seemed to have a little tiny British in it and the other a little high pitched but they were men’s voices.

They whispered, “Avenge…..” The same thing over and over again, “Avenge….”

The voices just got louder and louder till I couldn’t take it anymore. I fell to the ground covering my ears, “LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP PLEASE!” It was unbearable. “GO AWAY WHO EVER YOU ARE PLEASE!” I kept shouting but they just continued to scream at me.

*Satellite Bullet’s P.O.V*

I looked at Party Poison confused, “What the hell is he doing?” He was like spazzing out and screaming.

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Thank You for the Venum 20

ok so FINALLY after 4 days i got this chapter finished! its alittle short but i like it ;D

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

I dragged April to the back since we really had to learn some more songs. Currently we were trying to play The Ghost of You. I could imagine myself in Bob’s place on the stage. It was weird none of us were dating someone with the same part. I was a drummer dating a rhythm guitarist; Melody was a lead guitarist dating a lead singer, Ash was a lead singer dating a bassist, and April was a bassist dating a drummer.

Ray’s all alone though. I'm sure he’ll find a girl at one point or another. I almost missed my part in the song because I was thinking but I kept going. I tried to match Bob’s expression in the video. He looked like he was trying to look sad but looked bored instead.

I was grabbed from behind in the middle of my thought process, “GOT YOU!” I was pulled to the ground.

I screamed laughing as I found out I was on top of Kyle, “Why did you do that?”

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so tell me killjoys.....

if bob had a killjoy name- what would it be? i really wanna know what you guys think and trust me there is a reason for me asking. so tell me in the comments!


this wont make much sense unless you read this (i think Wolf Venom was the only one who saw it)

*Satellite Bullet’s P.O.V*

I walked out not wanting Fun Ghoul to follow me. I looked behind me to make sure. He wasn’t following me but everyone was staring at me. At that point I stopped and stared back for a minute. I then ran out not wanting to deal with anyone.

I ran out into the desert about twenty yards in back of the diner. I stopped in front of the two graves and fell to my knees. I sat looking at the place where Jet Star and Kobra Kid were buried. I picked up Jet Star’s arm band that was covered in sand. I wiped sand off and held it close.

I cried softly until I felt a hand on me. I tried to stop but I froze up. “I miss them to.” It was Party Poison.

I almost jumped back but pretty much crawled, “Get away from me!” I said scared.

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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! *insert super smiley face here*

ok so me, Grenade Doll, and my friend are trying to start a band, we are REALLY trying hard! well anyway- my friend told me today that.......... *drum roll*

WE COULD BE ON MTV!!!!!!!!!!!

this could be our only chance at fame!!!!!! but i dont know..... ive only played on a drumset once or twice and my dads acting like we know like an albums worth of songs.... i mean come on!!! we're in fucking seventh grade!!!! hes acting like we've played tons of gigs!

okay sorry for that little rant..... well im super excited and we're planning on learning a few real songs and one or two we'll write on our own. we're planning on a concepty type thing. heres the story. okay so its a world where everyone is a vampire except the three of us and we're trying to survive with out being found out. what do you think?

so incase we do get on- we're GraveYard Revenge so keep an eye out for us!

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Thank You For the Venum 19

is this the right chapter? im to lazy to check heads up- im not sure about another one today, im really trying hard to crank out more chapters *brain fizzles*

*Rebecca’s P.O.V*

We had gotten dressed and headed out for free coffee. We had decided to walk since it wasn’t so far away. It was weird since we were all walking with sunglasses and hoods up until we got to the Starbucks.

Gerard grinned, “Everybody ready?” We all nodded and took off our disguises. I was laughing I was so excited but thankfully hid the laughter. This Starbucks was PACKED.

A teenager at the counter smiled huge looking at us, “OH MY GOD IT’S MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!” He shouted excited. Everyone in the Starbucks instantly looked at us. There were about six fans in there not counting the teenager at the counter.

I kind of didn’t want to do this anymore. I turned around and started to walk out but Kyle grabbed me, “You’re not going anywhere!”

I laughed trying to get him to let go, “Kyle let go of me!”