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Bob will be sadly missed....

Dear Bob...

Hope we find out where you're moving on to.... What a Drummer.... The Sky's the Limit... Hey Bob... Some Butterflies, with a little 'GoodBye' Wish for you.. Keep Rockin an Bashin those Drums... Have you ever tried the Japanese Drum, I have ~ it was totally WILD, seemed to echo all the way across the harbour in Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia, you have to try it..

xo Love from Sasha xo

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In True Faith... Hope Gerard's throat is better...

Hope this helps, as posted on MCR's myspace as well... honey and lemon hot water drinks, with or without a herbal tea added, of natural substance of course!! What has he been up to?? Don't try so hard.. laze about a bit!! Hey, you guys didn't really miss Australia did you... been here done that as they say, seen it once and that surely was enough!! I myself couldn't afford the soundwave tickets....


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I feel needed again!!

My Daughter {in photo} on a holiday in Melbourne last year... Must be feeling useful! {as have spent the last few days Really starting to sort out some of my crap/stuff in my apartment ~ gone is share accom so parsae} Momma again, to help sort out some problems for her to move away from her dad and step mom mid last year. Now I've succeeded in getting her all the way to New South Wales!! Feeling SO good, and her boyfriends Mom sounds pretty cool as they live there, and is helping her to settle in ~ getting Vee Vee settled in to her new University and all...

So GLAD she's moved from Northern Territory!! Am getting along ok on the Sunshine Coast, found a sort of groovy largish Studio apartment ~ really close to shops and beach etc etc... New hip in a couple of years ugggghhhh!! Now on a better payment tho, should have done it a few years ago... HATE anti inflammatories, so I take the pain!! Dumb perhaps...

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Love your new webspace for Chem Rom....

This new space for Chem Rom is 'or-sum!!' Like it and Love it, Yeah!! Hottest Around as Well...

Gotta hava smoke.... Hey all the Best with the AP mags.... obviously... a done deal... lol

Looking to move somewhere.. again.. so ~ no time much for cybersurfing, just a distraction instead of sleep... bye, bye 4 now

Love from Sashie x0x

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Need a location device... 'will a compass do, Scotty'

Looking for a space pilot...

Get me outta here, while I love to be looking after my Dad, an feeling useful helps.. not a lot of plans do I have... My Dad's gonna have another operation, and I still got no plans.. goals... dreams (wot r they anyhow..) Kids tend to stay focused on life, work and love... least I got that right for her (lol) my daughters one cluey chick.. We get along great.. via a few sms or ebuddy chats.. gee wow.. I am sooooo enthused.....

Thank you for the perfect vehicle (the internet / twitter etc) to talk to myself LOLouder ha... 2ysIb u c..

love from me to me..

R.I.P Carly... passed away 2007, trial ongoing..

This is Sooooo Sad, be careful hey.. Out there online Thinking something sounds fine enough, My daughter is 17 - and I know shes cool and safe. This story just leaped off the page, you don't think it would happen anymore... So keep in touch with friends, even if they're on your 'off' list (lol) just make sure nobody 'hits a real low' over the coming holidays hey!!?? Don't leave 'em hangin..

Love from Sasha...

Story to follow from
An "emo" teenager met her killers on a vampire website, a court has been told.

The body of Carly Ryan, 15, was found by an early morning swimmer at Horseshoe Bay in South Australia in February 2007.

A father and son from Victoria pleaded not guilty to murdering the Adelaide teenager in the SA Supreme Court on Monday.

But the father, whose name is suppressed, said he pleaded "guilty to manslaughter" when being arraigned on the opening day of a murder trial expected to last two months.

Prosecutor Tim Preston said the Crown did not accept the man's manslaughter plea, before outlining the case against the 50-year-old father and his 18-year-old son, whose identity is also suppressed.

Mr Preston told the court Carly was ensconced in the "emo" culture, in which people wear predominantly black clothing, heavy eye shadow and bright lipstick.

Carly met her killers through a gothic website called, Mr Preston said.

The father had concocted a "cyberspace alter ego" called Shane, who purported to be the father of an adopted teenager called Brandon, he said.

Internet contact was made between the father, son and Carly and "that dialogue continued right up until her death", Mr Preston said.

"Carly Ryan professed to love Brandon ... and she believed he loved her," Mr Preston told the court.

"But Brandon was fictitious, an internet construct, the cyberspace alter ego of the father, the son or both of them."

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Halloween, ET EMO within... lol

Fun times, killed some time... Lost most of my makeup moving too much.. Not going in comp tho.. so thought I'd post it..

Killing some time might chuck the rest of these pix in myspace in sci fi pix folder... lol Have fun with the competition guyz an galz...


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Black n White Pix

Love the shots you guys posted hot! Also love this one.. ;)