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an old post..

Thought I'd finally delete it.... :)

Life is a Diversion...

Here I am writing excerpts of poems..... Very Boring.... So, chose not to, Congratulations Frank....

Thought I'd write some meaningless drivel, like I felt like it.... Such 'a little miss happy'... 'So Not...' I'm full of it, It's an ongoing effort at times, I don't really know why I bother.. just like to have notes like these all over the place to look at ~ laugh at my life of this mindless internet stuffing around... Had a chat to my daughter on the internet the other day.......... omg, like the first in a while.... so, she's 'getting ink done'...... {shakes head miserably} and chirps on

Another 'Diversion Extract'... entitled 'To Wordsworth'

To Wordsworth

We both have run o'er half the space
Bounded for mortals' earthly race;
We both have crossed life's fervid line,
And other stars before us shine,
May they be bright and prosperous
As those that have been stars for us!
Our course by Milton's light was sped,
And Shakspeare shining overhead:
Chatting on deck was Dryden too,
The Bacon of the rhyming crew;
None ever crost our mystic sea,
More richly stored with thought than he;
Tho' never tender nor sublime,
He struggles with and conquers Time.
To learn my lore on Chaucer's knee,
I've left much prouder company'
Thee, gentle Spenser

From 'More Diversions' ~ 'An Anthology"


I censured the coarse invectives which were become fashionable in the House of Commons, and said that if members of parliament must attack each other personally in the heat of debate, it should be done more genteelly. 'Johnson'.. 'No Sir; that would be much worse. Abuse is not dangerous when there is no vehicle of wit or delicacy, no subtle conveyance. The difference between coarse and refined abuse is as the difference between being bruised by a club, and wounded by a poisoned arrow.'

James Boswell: Life of Johnson, 1791...



Bob will be sadly missed....

Dear Bob...

Hope we find out where you're moving on to.... What a Drummer.... The Sky's the Limit... Hey Bob... Some Butterflies, with a little 'GoodBye' Wish for you.. Keep Rockin an Bashin those Drums... Have you ever tried the Japanese Drum, I have ~ it was totally WILD, seemed to echo all the way across the harbour in Cairns, Far North Queensland Australia, you have to try it..

xo Love from Sasha xo

In True Faith... Hope Gerard's throat is better...

Hope this helps, as posted on MCR's myspace as well... honey and lemon hot water drinks, with or without a herbal tea added, of natural substance of course!! What has he been up to?? Don't try so hard.. laze about a bit!! Hey, you guys didn't really miss Australia did you... been here done that as they say, seen it once and that surely was enough!! I myself couldn't afford the soundwave tickets....


I feel needed again!!

My Daughter {in photo} on a holiday in Melbourne last year... Must be feeling useful! {as have spent the last few days Really starting to sort out some of my crap/stuff in my apartment ~ gone is share accom so parsae} Momma again, to help sort out some problems for her to move away from her dad and step mom mid last year. Now I've succeeded in getting her all the way to New South Wales!! Feeling SO good, and her boyfriends Mom sounds pretty cool as they live there, and is helping her to settle in ~ getting Vee Vee settled in to her new University and all...

So GLAD she's moved from Northern

Love your new webspace for Chem Rom....

This new space for Chem Rom is 'or-sum!!' Like it and Love it, Yeah!! Hottest Around as Well...

Gotta hava smoke.... Hey all the Best with the AP mags.... obviously... a done deal... lol

Looking to move somewhere.. again.. so ~ no time much for cybersurfing, just a distraction instead of sleep... bye, bye 4 now

Love from Sashie x0x

Need a location device... 'will a compass do, Scotty'
Get me outta here, while I love to be looking after my Dad, an feeling useful helps.. not a lot of plans do I have... My Dad's gonna have another operation, and I still got no plans.. goals... dreams (wot r they anyhow..) Kids tend to stay focused on life, work and love... least I got that right for her (lol) my daughters one cluey chick.. We get along great.. via a few sms or ebuddy chats.. gee wow.. I am sooooo enthused..... Thank you for the perfect vehicle (the internet / twitter etc) to talk to myself LOLouder ha... 2ysIb u c.. love from me to me..