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Date: 1557... Quatrain: 6/100

Legis Cantio Contra Ineptos Criticos

Quos legent hosce versus mature censunto,
Profanum vulgus, et inscium ne attrestato
Omnesq: Astrologi Blenni, Barbari procul sunto
Qui alter facit, is rite, sacer esto.

****** ******

Herewith An Incantatory Edict Against Inept Critics
Pay attention, readers of these verses
And may the profane and ignorant rabble not feel giddy
Idiot astrologers and barbarians too may stay away
And those who won't, go stuff yourselves..

****** ******
Summary: Nostradamus makes fun of his future

Can't wait... although, Australia invariably might just have to....
A direct link to all three trailers...

Video here...
One Cool Lady....

Whether it is a child in care, a disabled child, a young offender or a homeless child, every child has many challenges and situations to overcome to get to a place where they feel they are loved, safe or have achieved their goals.

To help raise funds for this charity you can place a bid for the artwork here:

xox Sasha xox

Cannot wait!! So Cooool... She has 2 or 3 days here.. so gonna spoil her, was going to get a digital TV finally, now putting it off taking her shopping instead, (which I've missed sooo badly.. ) and lavishing her with gifts, taking her out to dinner and maybe have a belated 18th birthday at a club or something.... She is my absolute best friend....Super Special..

SashazShappy.. lol :))

Please... Stop Fuckin complaining about the NEW ALBUM!!!

Thought I'd include 'please'... Really, the amount of complaint blogs about their new album, is probably also putting them off posting anything... I bet, if anything it has helped push the release of it out anyhow.. Just be patient.. they don't need complaints, if they do read these occasionally, what if you catch em on a bad day? You'd be responsible for giving them the 'downs' hey?

Hey, you never know some of you are wicked artists!!


Here’s your chance to have YOUR ART

on the cover of the new CD…


Read Blog for Details:



Good Luck!


Hmmmm.. Seriously.. Food over Men.. Why Not?!?!? I guess....

Cool.... Just got home and heated up some Thai food. frozen, that I had cooked a day or 2 ago... I am Boring!! 2.30am an some ok looking guys who could have been able to dance, had just showed up.. what do I do ~ go home and cook!! Seriously, am worried about me, haven't even gone out properly since December... That was it, tonite so a bit of dancing is cool.. loud music, louder than I play mine here, ha... oh yeah, Winter started here June 1, that must be it hardly anyone there and only one niteclub in town pretty much, hence I haven't bothered going out, I prefer 'bar hopping'...


Just thinking some people are so special, and that's put me in a cool state of mind... A little different to my earlier blogs here....

My Daughter is so cool and am having a very PROUD moment... Funny throughout it ~ you get the feeling your 'hopeless at it'.. yet WOW!

I think she's amazing! So glad it's over... lol... {the nappies, school and shit like that!!!} like she's 18 in a few weeks and like it's such an exiting time... So proud of her also of course, and I think she's picked a cool boyfriend to move out with...

She is Imaginative, Creative, Super Cool... {takes after her Mom..

'Across the Ocean..'

I miss sailing..... :D

Little Miss Disenchanted.... Will still be here Tomorrow

Happy Easter to Everyone...... I'm so tired an it's 3.30 a.m, so it's not surprising! For someone who doesn't watch much TV well... free to air had a couple of good ones so had to watch both, the last one was Mel Gibson's, Passion of The Christ, which I have never seen.... an was mopping myself up off the floor... crying like a baby, been a lot of years since I cried in a movie.... must be cause it's Easter, an I miss my Daughter... Yeah well, that's what I'll tell myself.... Did usually try to make holidays special....

Feeling like these photo's.....

Someone out there loves me.... lol