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.... On the 9th day for Christmas... continued

Hey, so it's after midnite here... shucks, got immersed in 'stuff'

so here are the next three pix...

Only 8 tomorrow, if I stick too this... these are kinda 'rushed choices...' lol

xox from Sasha xox

Ummmm, "We three Pix'.... continued

As is the Ninth Day of Christmas, will do another 3 later tonight... only 8pm ish here... Oh, and I'll try the next three to be of the Whole Band... hmmmm... As you should have guessed, am just working on a few fave pix and making them more 'black hair and / or' 'poster like'.... The photographer part of me wishes I had taken the photo's..... :D

xox from Sasha xox

Ummm, 'We Three Pix, from me.... to Lindsay....'

Yeah, well maybe she'll see them... Title of course is meant to rhyme with 'We Three Kings.." some Christmas Carol... :D

Any how Merry Christmas.. Hey, (in Australia) on the 9th day before Christmas, this funny fan sent to ya'll...... "three pix of Gerard...."

Oh, I'm not promising to keep this up...

But I might...

Love from Sasha <3

Oh Yeah!! Black Veil Bride's


A New "Best Music Website Ever"....... <3

Amazing Music Website, wow, it runs as smooth as Silk Lined Satin groovers,,, Found another website of addiction... ;)

Am now intrigued beyond description... floating, dreamy, so go visit Mr Hard Candy Man before Halloween??
Garbage Cover a U2 Classic:
Exclusive mix of Beautiful Stranger: ~ Madonna of course.. :)

3rd Picture is their News page, a huge giveaway section for all.. With the Best looking

Dancing on my Own; by 'Robyn'

Just watched this video for the first time... Cool, not heard of her before.. gotta get to listen to the rest of her tunes.. Different sounds for a change...

I used to wear my hair similar to this... Oh, and dance similar too, when she's punching the space around her, that is though rarely, if ever wear skirts or dresses...:D funky song.

Oh, and Happy Black Parade Day ! :)

xox Sasha xox

Transmission Trial..... EPIC... FuN... :D

OMGGGG>>>> That was sooo cool and funny, first try with what I been hearing bout... Transmissions... 10 mins and I now have it installed on my desktop.... fun as!

nb: you have to have windows vista sidebar.. for 'install windows, or yahoo widget/gadget, or load as desktop application...

I laughed sooo hard....

xox Sasha....

The Power of Old Fable, Circa 1800

For fable is Love's world, his home, his birth-place:
Delightedly dwells he 'mong fays and talismans,
And spirits; and delightedly believes
Divinities, being himself divine.
The intelligible forms of ancient poets,
The fair humanities of old religion,
The Power, the Beauty, and the Majesty,
That had their haunts in dale, or piny mountain,
Or forest by slow stream, or pebbly spring,
Or chasms and wat'ry depths; all these have
They live no longer in the faith of reason!
But still the heart doth need a language, still
Doth the old instinct bring back the old names.
And to yon

"Sea Similie"; circa 1877

Sea Similie; Coventry Patmore, The Ultimate Eros, 1877

... as a little breeze
Following still Night,
Ripples the spirit's cold, deep seas
Into delight;
But, in a while,
The immeasurable smile
Is broke by fresher airs to flashes blent
With darkling discontent;
And all the subtle zephyr hurries gay,
And all the heaving ocean heaves one way,
T'ward the void sky-line and an unguess'd weal;
Until the vanward billows feel
The agitating shallows, and divine the goal,
And to foam roll,
And spread and stray
And traverse wildly, like delighted hands,
The fair and fleckless sands;
And so the whole

'The Sovereign Poet'

He sits above the clang and dust of Time,
With the world's secret trembling on his lip. He asks not converse nor companionship In the cold starlight where thou canst not climb.
... The undelivered tidings in his breast Suffer him not to rest.
He sees afar the immemorable throng, And binds the scattered ages with a song.
... The glorious riddle of his rhythmic breath, His might, his spell, we know not what they be: We only feel, whate'er he uttered, This savours not of death, This hath a relish of Eternity.
Sir William Watson, odes, 1894