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So many Birthday Wishes, so I thought I would to, Happy Birthday Gerard.... and Cheers to many more! Glad to read in an interview that you do have an occasional social drink, and today would be one of those days.

xox from Sasha xox

Gerard Way’s Natal Chart

Yes, well I was highly intrigued by Gerard being a Year of the Snake, but thought I'd post this blog first with Western Astrology. I've just finished it, but does need some polishing, like I prefer centered alignment..:D and am also researching his Celtic Astrology.. which is also pretty amazingly interesting.. No, I did not include any pictures of LynZ, I know she's cool.. but I don't have any..
My Wordpress

xox from Sasha xox

it is really interesting :)

Year of the Water Dragon ~ Ren Chen

(from a cool website I found)

Beginning on January 23, 2012 the flamboyant Dragon will fill
the skies with fireworks as we enter into the new year of the
Water (Black) Dragon!
As was the case in the previous Dragon year of 2000 twelve
years ago, we find ourselves, again, bombarded by prophets
of doom preaching apocalypse. Twelve years ago, as the
millennium change of 2000 approached, computer experts
warned of a coming collapse. This, of course, didn’t occur,
but some of the "fixes" and patches put into place in hopes
of circumventing problems, caused problems of their own.
As we approach the

Visage: 'Night Train'.. 1982

Oh, and 'Every girls Crazy ~ for a Sharp Dressed Man' ok, that's ZZ top but hey, where have all the 'Sharp Dressed Men' gone?? With the moves to match, like dancing I mean... I've even given up looking...?!


Visage again, with 'Fade to Grey'..Live performance in the 80's..

Steve Strange is sooo unique, he's an artist these days, I follow him on twitter....


Actually thought 'in the year 2525', was their's back then... :D As you'll see a lot of us older fans of MCR, (not that they do anymore, wot a shame..) were also into Guys who wear Make up,a long time ago.... and I went out with a few... lol....


Enjoy, Killjoys...


In The Year 2525 - Zager and Evans - Cover - Remix - Pete Stark

Excellent video, including out takes from Various movies..

A cover version of the 1969 Zager and Evans hit In the Year 2525. Written by Rick Evans

For all you 'killjoys'...


Bulletproof Heart

A big fan of Grace Jones, in the 70's and 80's.. was doing a search and found this, had never heard of it..



Red Aurora Australis... Sometimes, I wish time went as fast...

Havn't blogged here in a long while. This video is amazing, and with my birthday looming ~ am actually counting down the days, a little depressing. Like I said, I wish time went as fast most days and/or month's now... 'have a little faith, in a new horizon'.. :)

Enjoy the video

xox from Sasha xox

An Supernova Epic Band... "Powderfinger"

One of the Best Bands Ever....

Their You Tube Video's

13th of November 2010.... Last song of final performance...

xox Sasha xox