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powerpoint 5
powerpoint 4
powerpoint 3
powerpoint 2
powerpoint 1

i couldnt send my whole powerpoint at once so i sent the images of it. hope u guys like it- sorry if its kinda bad :)


So last night, I stayed up till midnight, making a PowerPoint thts dedicated to my 3 favorite bands- green day, my chemical romance and linkin park. It's kinda cool and kinda messed upish at the same time. If u guys want, I could try and upload it or email it. I understand if no one cares- just one of my random moments :)


Hey this is probably a dumb question, but does anyone know how to change ur profile pic? I can't figure it out...

Friends support friends

*billie joe Armstrong and mike dirnt smashing their guitars at the Iheartradio festival* I know many of u guys have seen this, but I thought that it was kind of cute that mike started following Billie.


Ohemgee today I get to meet Ellen Hopkins @ school!

The sharpest lives

So , today while I was at school :p, I wrote all the lyrics to the sharpest lives (by mcr of course:)!) on my arm and my gym teacher noticed and I asked if I was writing a novel. Then I told her tht it was a song and yeah. Then, later on tonight, my parents noticed my arm and they got kinda mad....but it was so worth it! At least I didn't get grounded. Lol