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What the fuck! I fuckin hate my mother! Today I was out shopping and I found this cool pleather jacket and my mom wouldn't let me get it. I asked why and she wouldn't give me a reason. I even offered to pay for it. Later, she tells me it's cuz it makes me look punk and I said "I don't give a shit." But obviously she does. And thts not all. She never lets me get what I want and always tries to make me get girly stuff. F.T.W.W.W. (sorry to bother y'all)


On the calendar, I put in pictures of the whole bands, plus individual pics of the person whose bday it was. For example, in july, i put a pic of mcr, and then a individual pic of ray.


october november december
all done! :)


july august spetember (my bday! and mikeys!)


april may june


january february march


Today I was really bored and I was looking @ this website. I discovered tht an mcr calendar is coming out and I wanted it of course. Sadly, my parents said no and I don't have a lot of money at the moment, so I decided to make my own calendar! I used pics of mcr, green day, linkin park, and other random things. I know I may seem obsessed but I enjoy making things on the computer so ya. I'll try to post it in a few.

powerpoint 8

all done! sorry for all the blogs! :D if u dont like it, please dont hate too much

powerpoint 7
powerpoint 6