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I miss you.

Mm. I don't expect anyone to read this actually, I'm just here because I have nowhere else to post this. I'll be called pathetic if I put it on facebook, and in all honesty I just want somewhere I can rant and get all of my thoughts out.

So, it all started yesterday. I'd cleared my head of all thoughts of MCR. Actually, I hadn't been so down about the split in months. My ipod was on shuffle, and disenchanted came on. That was one of those songs that really caught me, drew me in emotionally. And I found myself listening pretty calmly at first, you know, just enjoying the music.

24 Hours

It hasn't even been 24 hours since I found out and I'm still in a daze. I'm still so empty and confused.

I want to keep in touch with you guys, follow my twitter @Sarah_VE if you like. Hope everyone's holding up okay.
Hoping to head to the meeting in Hyde Park on the 8th April maybe that'll give me some closure. Hoping to hear some more official word soon, maybe that'll help? Anyone else heading to the march?

Where do we go now?

I'm in shock, I think.

I am sitting here at 5 in the morning, just shaking. It's over. I can't believe it's over. I can't believe the only thing in the world that made me feel safe is over. Done.

It seemed like it would last forever, the MCRmy, didn't it? When I was 12 it was the only thing keeping me going. Even to this day, I feel like MCR was the only thing that gave me roots, the only thing I felt I was connected to. I didn't prepare myself for this day did I? I should have because this is unbelievable.

I feel like I'm dreaming.

Thank you, everyone one of you.

New Account


I highly doubt anyone will remember me, I wasn't very active even when I used my old account. I was "FreakinAwesome" for those who do. Anyway, long story short I forgot my password, and decided to give up hunting down my old email and start fresh.

Lately I've been feeling really quite alone. I've missed the sense of belonging and community that comes with you guys. So I've decided to return to the community, though I'll most probably keep a low profile and just read what everyone else has to say. Either way, it feels like I'm grounded somewhere again, and I've really missed that.