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Happy Mother Fucking Birthday Gerard!!

Happy Birthday!! God you're so old ;) Its my little sisters birthday too, and I really dont think she is as exited as she should be that you guys share a birthday. In case you were wondering, when, ya know, my sisteres birthday was....

But I really hope that your birthday today is so intensly orgasmic that you piss your pants from all the splendid things (: Do some crazy ass shit. Just go. Do it. Its you're birthday. Today is the one day where you can dress up as Superman and go direct traffic while babysitting your newly baught goat. Unless you do that anyway, because your Gerard.

Now that Ive gotten all my crazy out,


(Or Alex, Skylar, Indie, Bell, or Lily)

p.s. No im not schitzophrenic ^ I just dont know which name I want yet!

p.p.s. happy birthday (:(: