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SamanthaPoison's blog

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I did not get in my account for a very long time, i grew up.. I still love My Chemical Romance but my life changed alot these past months so i really want to start talking with lots of you guys again i hope i make lots of new friends :3 ask anything!! You guys are like my family <3

Hello im back! :3

Well im back and i really want to have more friends here or on fb you can also add me just ask and i will give you my fb and twitter im really happy of being back and also im really loving conventional weapons and it would be horrible if they split after this they are my heroes and i dont want them spliting and i still want too know who is the 5th memember? did bob bryar come back? that would be amazing! well umm hi everyone and have a great day!!

:3 hi!

hey this is me i need more friends here n.n plz add me guys or comment so i will add you n.n well introducing me my name is Samantha im from Detroit Michigan but i live at Mexico :3 im 14 years old and i simply adore MCR <3 and i need more killjoy friends n.n hope you guys dont think im ugly or something like that :S kids at school bully me for being a killjoys and because im from US and skin color they make lots of fun u.u well i just want some killjoy friends so who wants to be my friend n.n <3 xoxoxox i love you guys

hey killjoys!

well i need some killjoy friends here!! hahahaha i dont get online much but i love this page!! and i wanna ask you guys something whats your MCR fave song?? and i need some help like i live in mexico -.- we celebrate here are sweet 15 -.-' and i want some tips of you guys too chose some MCR songs i want the Ghost Of You and Helena but i still need 4 more so plzz C: and thank you