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Been gone awhile

Forgot my password :/ listened to The World Is Ugly the other day. Fell back into old habits :( Disappointed with myself but I'm getting better :)

Its almost done...

So ive been drawing a pic of Gee for like a few weeks now. I planned to have it done by his birthday but time killed me so it didnt happen :( it will be done by the end of the week though :) his eyes keep going wrong, annoying as hell but it'l be good after some altering. I hope I hope I hope....

An emotional wreck

Sooooo while cleaning out my wardrobe, I decided everything's funner with music. So I put My Chemical Romance on shuffle. After about 5 songs, Scarecrow came on. By the second chores, I was in tears. I love that song, it's amazing. So why can't I listen to it without crying now? Evil emotional breakdown..... -_-

It doesnt matter, he still loves me

so i recently got with this boy. hes like one of those hard lads, always playing football and messing around in class. most of the lads like that take the p!ss out of me. but i started talking to this one about a month back on fb and hes actually sound. we share loads and we'v both been through sh!t. so when he asked me out i was over the moon. the first day everyone was been dead weird and making fun of us. the second day we kissed. today is the second day xx and it was extra special cause it was his first kiss. love my little rebel xxx

I like my new pencils

Sooooo after drawing Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge with my new pencils I decided to have a go at Danger Days. It took a while, since I haven't got professional coloring pencils. I'm going to have a go at drawing Gee. With look it will turn out OK. Hope you guys like it x

my new favorite snack :)

I was walking home from school in the rain, with my darling Fayeway when the munchies attacked. So we stopped off at the shop and went junk food crazy. Then Faye mentioned Gee's favorite crisps when he's chilling in britain. Transform-a-snacks. So, of course, I bought my weight in crisps. Yum xx

Stupid people being stupid

Today I was talking to one of my friends about MCR when a hater of mine jumped in and started insulting them. I could completely understand this if they had listened to there music and genuinely didn't like it. But I know for a fact that they have never heard a MCR song in there life. They are only insulting them because I like them. This is my definition of stupid -_- Evil people, hate me, not my music taste

I kill all joy when I draw

I was bored and angry, my life was lacking in any creativity. I stormed into my room and threw on The Black Parade. I grabbed a pencil and paper, some creative snacks (animal biscuits) and drew like the wind. After completing The Black Parade, I showed my mother, who completely understood my need for anything even remotely defiant or artish. So, like a darling, she ran out and got me some professional drawing pencils. Thus, my attempt at Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge was born. Hope you like it :)