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Thank you but..

Thank you so much for your inspiring music and everything really and I really look up to you all but guys....
you had to post that on my birthday ...... best 16th ever -_-
Seriously though I want to just thank you for everything, my only regret is never seeing you live, so long and goodnight <3
Thank you

what cds am i missing?!

Basically I have these CDs:

I brought you my bullets you brought me your love
Three cheers for sweet revenge
Life on the murder scene
The Black Parade
Welcome to the black parade (bonus cd)
Famous last words (bonus cd)
The Black Parade is Dead
Live and Rare
Danger Days:The true lives of the fabulous killjoys
Na Na Na (Bonus cd)

I feel like I am missing some but I don't know what?! Anyone know what I'm missingor have I got them all? Thankyou!^.^

conventional weapons cd?

So I know, I know that it's been released on records which I would think was awesome if it weren't for the fact that I, none of my friends or no one in my family has a record player. Gutted. Does anyone know if it is going to be released to CD, for the meantime I just burned the songs on to a CD but... it's not the same :( So.. anyone know? ^.^

Jump you motherf#ckers!!
Your Killjoy Name ;D

The letter your First name starts with, is the word next to itthe word next to it is the first part of your killjoy name:
A- Party
B- Electric
C - Fun
D - Monster
E - Silver
F - Ghost
G - Rabid
H - Digital
I - Violent
J - Jet
K - Toxic
L- Fire
M- Neon
N- Bright
O- Hyper
P- Bold
Q- Cyber
R- Chemical
S- Laser
T- Kobra
U- Gold
V- Vintage
W- Obscene
X- Rainbow
Y- Blood
Z- Vampire

The first letter of your surname starts with (second part):
A: Killer
B: Beam
C: Candy
D: Heart
E: Fighter
F: System
G: Inhale
H: Zombie
I: Insanity
J: Dinosaur
K: Balance
L: Skeleton
M: Lantern
N: Explosion
O: Monster

there's always one -_-

Got back from the cinema after seeing Wreck it Ralph, with my younger brother ( not gonna lie was rather good ;) ) and basically this is why I hate going to the cinema because there is always that one couple who decide to kiss through out the whole film, lucky for me and my brother we were put in the two seats next to these love birds, oh the joy. As my brother would have probably made an inappropriate comment I sat next to them (bad move) ... through out the whole movie I was being shoved my these lovers while they were having a good old game on tonsil tennis. Brilliant.
Well thats my

umbrella academy omfg

So I have had Gerard Ways comic, 'The Umbrella Academy' since Saturday and omfg, it is bloody amazing! I have barely left the house as I am just fixed to it! Such a good comic, so original :D

Why do I live in Scotland D:

Okay the last time My Chemical Romance came to Scotland I believe was in 2011, I was too late ordering tickets and couldn't go so I just watched the uploaded clips of it on youtube afterwards, it seemed like it was a great performance :D
I would love to see them in concert, it is somewhat on my bucket list :3 so does anyone know when they are next in Scotland or even just the UK in general.. or if they aren't touring again in the UK at all

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow!

Well basically, I am a big comic book fan and the thought occurred to me that i have never read Gerard Ways Umbrella Academy, so last uh.. Saturday I went to my local comic book store and ordered it, got a phone call today and ermegod it's arrived! Not going to lie buzzing ^.^