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Now, I'm in biggest sadness.
I hope it's just a dream worst dream.

My Chemical romance saved my life my heart.
I need your help but you had gone.

I'm afraid to keep on living.
I'm Not Ok.

you don't hold them back now
so, pigs are after me.

the only hope for me is you foever.
you were the reason to live.
I started study English to understand about you.

Give me a shot to remember!!!!!!!
right now.

ありがとう My Chemical Romance.

Happy Birthday Frank

Happy birthday Farank!
I made this cookie for MCR.

My MCR calendar arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's so nice !
I'm so happy................

Happy Halloween xxx

summer vacation

Today is the last day of summer vacation.
(now, Japan is summer!! )

I haven't yet finished a lot of my homework.
oh my gosh....:P

I didn't have enough time to do it
because I went to Australia about 2weeks.
It is very good trip!
I had a wonderful experience.
I miss Australia and my host family
and I'll go back there some day!!

I'll do my homework while listen to MCR <3


I'm japanese.

I'm not good at English
but I am studying hard to understand about My chemical Romance.

I'm really happy to watch "Sing it for Japan"
Thank you My Chemical Romance and their wonderful fans!!!!

I'm looking forward to new album.
and I want to join MCR's line in Japan!!!