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rsmith95's blog

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Its just my thoughts on the band and all!

More art!

Here's the picture I drew of frank! I hope it's good!

Are these good?

Are these any good? I just thought id share some of my art with the world! haha

Got My Vinyls

My vinyls came in today there so nice!!! The poster is huge! And I heard the last two songs which are amazing!!! But now I have to go to work till 7 -_-

I Feel Like A Jerk!

I became so busy with everything over the past few months I'm so sorry i never responded to any of the comments on my first blog. First of all I want to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome! But anyways I want to tell my semi awesome story of how I fell in love with this band. I want to say about 8 years ago when I was ten that MCR was playing the vma's on MTV. Now I was a little kid back then and I barley knew how to appreciate music.

Im new here but not to mcr

im new here but i know that the mcr community is a very welcoming one :) who knows maybe i can share the story of how i came to love the band.