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Well everyone its that time of year again!! i lovee it!! hope all my fellow MCR fanz have a kick ass x-mas!! dont forget to smile :). and hope MCR also has the best x-mas ever!! lovee everyone who loves me!!! :)


yea no more school till next year!! so happy :).
ray is jammin out to All I Want For Christmas, and Hang em' High..By MCR yo!!


so i jus qot the new ap maqazine with MCR and i am sooo excited!! Also jus almost about covered all my walls with their many wonderful pictures that make me smile everyday!! :) i didnt think i could EVER LOVE a band soo much as i do them. proud fan always and forever!!


my crush <3

Music=MCR=My Life

can't get enough!!!!!!!!!! :)


Ahh cant wait to see the guys on tour again!! soo excited!!

Cant wait for the new cd!! SOOO excited. Love all the new pics of the guys.