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Luvin it!!

so i was in my room listenin to mcr for like 4 hours lol i was realizin there is not one thing at all that i dont like about them..EVERYTHING about them i lalala LOVE.!! this is why i post blogs not only to talk all about mcr but also how much i LOVE them haha. whoever agrees with me is totally awesome:)


OHH MY GOSH imma freakin go insane now..i cant wait for the cd to come already, i know its going to be sooo badass lol the guys have never let me down.! I continue to listen everyday to them and wont stop;x isnt life just so amazinn bein addicted to mcr haha i effin LOVE IT.!! i guess people say imma little obsessed. Talk to me people i wont bite i promise (winkwink)


so i'm super stoked this month.! i have a feeling it will be Frekin RAD. haha. my bday exactly on month after GERARD WAY's Bday haha. i never forget. and cant wait for the album to come out this year it will be amazinn..ill be 1st in line punks haha!

Love my MR always (#!1 FAN)



cant wait till may cums!! lots of exciting things going on!!
Cant wait for the album to drop guys!! ill be 1st in line haha
love MCR to death!!


oh my goodness.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD WAY!!!
hope u have a great day.. Love MCR forever :)
Love one great fan -RAY


well what a year its been so far! lots of crazyness... but i will always know that i can go back to mcr and know those guys will always put a giant smile on my face everytime!! love them always (MCR 4Lyf)
p.s wooohooo gerards b-day almost here!!

The Life

Aww great friday!! jus Rockin out to MCR Musik videoz..LOVE THEM ALL!!
Hope gerard (<3) gets better so they can get their new cd done and come perform
for yours truly :) in Denver The Mile HIGH city! ill be in the front row where i belong at their concerts :)

That 1.!!.

So anxious to see who wins those posterz.! 1 n a million chance that i would get i hope im that 1.!.


i want MCR to be on the vans warped tour 2010!!


Merry X-Mas