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i think its pretty funny how under the big white letters that say MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE how they have their little says "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE hates blogs" lol but thats pretty much what we all do.!!! i freakin love them haha


Being a mcr fan means being filled with all their chemicals.!! Dont you just fucking love that feeling.!!

Online shopping

so i just totally ordered a hoodie, a v-neck tee, and mcr wrist band from hot topic online lol i have never done that before..i was just browsing the web site and came across those items and i totally had to get them.!! my dad dosnt know it yet but i used his credit card for it.!! yikes haha but its soooo worth it:) anyone else done that before..??? what was your outcome..??


oh gosh people JULY 23rd is going to be an AMAZINN day for the world of MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.! it will also be the day i get my tattoo of my MCR quote.!! p.s thanx to the people who gave me ideas for it:)
I dont care who you are... im talking to everyone who is an MCR fan..I LOVE YOU ALL haha



okay i dont know about you people but i'm super proud and stoked to say that


one thought.....

Okay some people dont get MCR and what they opinion is that their songs are soo much more than the beat and the instruments playing, what they say is so real and..well..ITS LIFE.!!! I think that everysong they have put out are individual pieces to one big puzzle and more and more it all makes sense and i love that about them because their songs may seen like they are about the same things to some people but they all represent something totally different each time... i was in my room last night just thinking about everything and it really made me realize that MCR is not just

Crazy for INK

hey thanks to the people who gave me fucking awesome ideas for my tattoo:) any one else have anyother ideas for it i would love to hear.!! (i'm looking for quotes from MCR songs)... yes i'm a 17 year old girl who is CRAZY for MCR and some INK lol:)


okay so imma get a tattoo on the side of me and i want it to
be a certain saying of some sort.!! i have decided to get something
quoted from an MCR song..i think it will be pretty nice haha i just dont know what
i want it to say.?? i have ideas but i need some help from you any fav. quotes from any song please share you idea with me!!
help me decide:)


oh my gosh its super hott outside in colorado.!! i need to tan lol... i have had "Hang 'em High" stuck inside my head all day long.!! but no worries i effin love that song:)


Okay as you can tell im all about MCR haha. my plan is to listen to EVERY song that i know mcr has ever made and learn all the words to them and jus go down town on a corner an just sing my fucking heart out lol. i want people to actually listen to me as i say the wors.. i know i can change at least one life:)