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people are so rude these days.. so i was in PacSun looking at this Volcom bckpack for school right..and it was the last one and i really wanted it was hangin on the rack and i was asking my mom if she could buy it for me and i go to reach for it and this girl snatches it off the rack thing right when i was about to touch it and she looks at me and say "I grabbed it first" and smiles and walks away... So i can say i totally wanted to slap her after that but i didn't.! now i'm thinking i probably should of lol.
That put me in such a bad mood so i get home go to my room and Turn up MCR all




so let's chat people.!! lol weather it be about how awesome MCR is or just about anything.. Mondays are a drag. XD

What A Fucking Day...

i honestly have to say this was one of the best days EVER haha to celebrate my FAVORITE bands day:) So i just decided to have this day when ever i please.! i am not trying to wait another year for this day to come again..are you kidding me.?? thats fucking torture (i think thats how you spell it).. well any way HAPPY FUCKING IMCR DAY my fellow MCR lovers.!! :) i Effin love you all :)



okay so i just got home from a totally awesome day of celebration...except i'm not done yet haha..!! oh man i fucking love bein apart of this sickass holiday haha.!! Love everything about MCR and will never stop:)
hope everyone had a good day...tell me all about what you people did today...



Hey a little advice.. If "Monsters Scare You!" or "A Shattered Hope" come to your city while on tour you should totally go see them.!! Even if you have never herd of them..they are totally badass..people.! i just went to their show last night in Denver and it fucking rocked haha.!! They put on a sickass show:). just thought i would let you know that lol:)


Hand in mine, into your icy blues and then i'd say to you
we could take to the highway. With this trunk of ammunition
too, i'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets. I'm trying, I'm trying to let
you know just how much you mean to me. And after all the things we put eachother through
and I would drive on to the end with you...

--I Love that song.!! Can Never get enough MCR.!!!

xoxo love 'em Lots xD

**** YEAH.!!!

so i was just playin guitar hero and i was rockin out to Dead!...OH MY GOSH i fucking rock on that song lol.. its sooo much fun to play it and puts the biggest smile on my face:) anyone else totally fucking love playin that song on there or what.??? lol


So i lovee how MCR isn't afraid to switch it up a bit.!! haha Gerard sings it so much better:)