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303 Day!!

Well hellooo everyone!!! I hope you are all having an amazing day (: You are all BEAUTIFUL in everyway!

-Ray <3

Long Time No See..

Wow, so it's been awhile since i've logged on to this website. I'm definitely not proud of that. I still continue to cherish this band everyday and love whatever they do. Conventional Weapons is amazing as we all knew it would be. I can't get enough of this band weather it be the music, the merch, or just the guys in general. They are amazing people and have helped each and every single one of their fans become better people. We all have a deep bond that can NEVER be broken as long as we are all around. They keep us going as much as we keep them going.


So i went and seen MCR on april 9th along with the Neon was a total sucess.! best show i've been to hands down.!! And i recently just purchased my ticket to the Honda Civic Tour Sept that mean i am seeing my favorite band twice in one year...Ohhh yeaaa i'm definitely gonna die a happy girl =)

APRIL 9TH 2011

Okay soo as we all know april 9th was gerards bday and the day of the concert in denver,,and I went...all ihave to say is that it was the BEST SHOW EVERRRR.!!! Nothing could ever top the show last night it was totally inforgetable...i wanted to say thanks m.c.r for the amazing show and happy birthday again to gerard and can't wait to see you back in denver...MCRMY always and forever.!!


people are gunna keep telling us,,so we better do it,,VOTE FOR MCR.!!! as a faithfull mcrmy WE GOTTA HELP MCR WIN.!!!!

We meet again.!

well hello mcrmy.!! it's been awhile since i have posted a blog,,
so i thought now would be perfect.!! Okay so the Denver,Co M.C.R concert
is on april 9th and i"m showing up like early as hell to get front row cause i cannot miss
the full view of the grreatest band.!!i gotta say,,the day i recieved my ticket was the greatest
day EVER.!!! haha but anyway wish me luck guys and girls,,untill we meet again =)


this is like the greatest day.!! just got the cd in the mail today and got my ticket for the concert on april 9th 2011 on sat.!! Im goin insane here :)

April 9,2011

Not only is that Gerards bday..thats the day i go see them in concert..DENVER CO.!!! getting my ticket on sat.


Just ordered my Cali 2019 edition and OMG i have never been sooo excited in my life lol. its totally worth it.! merry christmas to me.!! Who else is getting it.???


I'm sure it's not just me but i think that "Danger Days-The Fabulous Lives Of The KillJoys" is a sick ass title lol. I think everyone understands how stoked we are about the album:) When the day comes it will be my main focus until their their next album comes out haha.