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RosesBleedBlue's blog

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Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe, you make my heart feel good. <3


I like the room with the black paint the best.

Oh, just some poem I wrote a while ago when I was feeling down...

Oh, my dearest friend Depression, how you pain me so. Oh, the many grievances you have caused me. Oh, the pain I have experienced on your account. How I loathe you so, my dear friend! I turn to you seeking comfort in the many misfortunes I have experienced and continue to experience, but you betray me still. Again and again I crawl back into your arms, yet you still cause me this, this sadness… Help me, my friend, help me see…

How anger and self-pity have ravaged this heart of mine, burning it from the inside out, the incinerated remains left cold and lifeless, crumbling even in the gentlest


I miss Freddie Mercury...

About Me

Hi, I'm Tristan. I'm thirteen years old, and I love music, poetry, and animals. I am a vegitarian, because of my love for them. I have two cats, Curious George and Shelley. I am currently interested in purchasing a tarantula, but my mom dislikes spiders so this could present a problem. My Chemical Romance and Green Day are my two favorite bands. I also enjoy listening to classic rock, like Queen and The Beatles. Rock is most definitely my favorite genre of music. I take pleasure in listening to all types of music, however.