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How i knew MCR

Well, hello everyone who's reading this :)
I'm really happy because i've found a really great band.And of course that band is My Chemical Romance.
I remember that i knew mcr before but i've never stopped to hear their music.Haha i remember too that i thought they were emo so i thought their music were bad.
Have you ever felt bad 'cause you wanted to know a band from the beginning?
Well, yes.
I started to listen MCR at the beginning of this year and i fucking love them!, everything!....I downloaded every album, every song and wow! i thought why the fuck i hadn't heard them before!
I fell in love with ''thank you for the venom'' but after that with ''disenchanted''..then i started to find more songs and that was how i knew My chem.

PD:Sorry if my english it's a little wrong, that's because i'm from Argentina and i'm used to talk in spanish but i would like to practise my english here and i hope you undestand :)