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Oh My God

Boy Division and Tomorrow's Money... You just can't describe how good they are. I was going through a Revenge Phase as I like to put it, meaning I was listening to literally nothing other than revenge for over a week because everything in my life seemed screwed up, but then I found out you could listen to the Conventional Weapons songs and I'm definitely doing fine now. I mean how couldn't I be with these songs out? THEIR SO AWESOME!!!
But seriously you can definitely tell that this was the beginning of Danger Days, which only adds to the coolness.

Making a Toy...

So for school I signed up for the toy project, part of the gifted and talented program aka project challenge. So the class is literally 30 school days long of a 45 minute class spent making a toy, a toy company, a company headquarters, and a manufacturing plant based in the US with a group of 6 people that you don't pick.
So today I thought of this really cool idea of making a remote controlled car and some racecar tracks that the cars ride on, but the cars get connected to your computer so you can race other people all over the world that are using the same track as you online, while

People these days...

So at school today I was completely utterly bored, so I decided to bother my friend by telling her all about Conventional Weapons and when each song comes out and how thrilled I was that Kiss the Ring is going to be in the fourth part of it. She listened to me, but she obviously didn't care because she listens to pop ad all that crappy stuff that's supposed to be cool.

Famous Last Words

This son has always been one of my favorites and has always had so much meaning and emotion to it, but it seems when you're walking alone down the street from school, with a group of rich, spoiled, popular brats walking five feet in front of you after you've had a pretty rough day, it holds so much more meaning and sounds so much more heartfelt and filled with raw emotion than usual.

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey, if you stay, I'll be forgiving
Nothing you can say can stop me going home

Yours in cheese sauce,


Stolen and Re-stolen

So I saw everyone else doing this, and I figured it would e a good way for you guys to be able to get to know me if you wanted to, so I stole this from somebody who stole it from somebody.

001. Real Name: Elise
002. Nickname(s): Elisey, Elise K., E-Goo(my sister is obnoxious), Sneaker Queen(it's a long story...)
003. Male Or Female: female
004. Elementary: Done
005. Middle school: In 8h grade
006. High School: Nope
007. Hair Color: Between blonde and dirty blond with lots of highlights
008. Long Or Short: Medium
009. Loud Or Quiet: Obnoxiously loud with my friends when I'm in a good mood,

The New Era

So I've been completely obsessed with mcr for almost 2 years now, and I'm sad to say that this is the first time I've experienced a new era of the band. This is also the first time I've posted anything on the website. Ever since I got into the band I've gone on the website and read the news and blogs, but I never really felt the need to create and account. I figured this was a pretty good time to do just that.
For the past month I've check like 3 times a day to see if there was any news on the new album.