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A little something.

This is just a poem thingy I wrote when I was bored. Hope you like it!

You're just willing away the demons,
With the only thing that doesn't hurt.
It's getting harder,
But you're trying.
You're lying too.
To the people who love you,
Who care about you,
Who need you.
You can't see,
How much they love you,
Care about you,
Or need you.
You are oblivious to it all.
But you're still trying,
You're not giving
Keep trying with the only thing that doesn't hurt.
Because if you turn to something that does,
It won't just hurt you.

Keep running

-Rhiannon x

Exams and school.

I really hate exams. They make me so stressed even small ones. I have my Junior Cert (a massive exam) next year and all the teachers are saying we need to try harder but everything is just getting on top of me. I guess I just need to calm down and divide my study up. But if any of you guys wanna talk to me about anything, even exams and school, I'm right here.

Keep running,
Rhiannon x

Lazy days.

Lazy days are the best. I just sat around and did nothing. I watched MCR videos and funny moments; they were the best. I think that everyone should have a lazy day at least once a month cause it seems to be good for you. Just to rewind and calm down. Hope everyone's okay!

Keep running,
Rhiannon x


Spending my Friday night listening to music and reading Frank Iero interview. Nothing could be better in this moment. Hope you're all enjoying your Friday!

Keep running,
Rhiannon x

Old and New friends.

I started talking to some of my old friends who I had not talked to in ages and it felt good. I'm gonna try keep them as friends cause talking to them made me realise how much I missed being their friend. I also hope to make new friends on this, so if anyone wants to chat just message me!

Keep running,
Rhiannon x

Good times.

Went out with my two friends today, who are both boys, and had so much fun! It was just what I needed to cheer me up and make me feel better. Also had my parent/teacher meetings but they went okay so I'm happy with that! How was your day today? And if anyone wants to talk just message me; I'm always there.

Keep running,
Rhiannon x

New to this.

Hey! I'm only new to this but I've been a massive MCR fan ever since I can remember. Welcome To The Black Parade was one of the first albums I ever owned and Black Parade was the first song I could sing word for word. My little sister, who's two, also loves the song and sings along whenever I put it on. MCR mean a lot to me and I'll always be a massive fan no matter what! Can't wait to buy May Death Never Stop you. I know it's gonna be awesome.

Keep running,
Rhiannon x