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Band Members.

I'm starting to think potential band members are all hiding away in a basement from me. Wheeere aaare yooouuu?! xx


Everyone has such exciting usernames on here and then there's just me, Rhiannon haha. Xx

The Girl With The MCR Hoodie

Okay, so a few weeks back now I was in HMV with my friend and there was a girl there in an MCR Revenge hoodie so I tapped her on the shoulder and went 'I like your hoodie' and she laughed and went 'thank you' so yeah, if you're on here somewhere, Revenge MCR hoodie girl, hi. You seem cool and I like your choice in both bands and clothing... xxx


Another thing, I''ve just realised next month I'm going to see Lostalone and I'm going to the Kerrang Tour... So yeah, OH MY GOD I'M SO EXCITED. Xxx

Band Members...

Basically I want to start a band. I really really Really want to start a band. I need to.

Which is why I'm asking if there are any male drummers/bassist/singers out there in England who are interested then please message me, I'm friendly, I promise :-) I'm a female guitarist and I like bands (apart from MCR of course) like Green Day, Lostalone, Muse, You Me At Six, Nirvana, I could go on forever. iIf you want to learn more about me then, like I said before, don't be afraid to message me. Anyway, thank you for reading this.