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Sth bright at last

I can't believe it, I could finally smile !! although all what's surrounding me is desperate & hopeless. I got my final grades today, I got 93%. That's kinda cool cause I didn't study anything this year :D ... I hope I can continue being happy for the longest duration of time :))

Super Depressed

Right now I feel like there's nth good in life, all the ppl around me are depressed or sad or whatever. It's like there's no hope for our country to get better & all I wanna do is cry all day.

This Band Saved me

I can honestly say this band saved me. It's like it rescued me from the middle of a deep ocean. I'm super depressed because of the conditions in country, we currently have a revolution here. It's so abnormal, lot's of people got killed & things like that. A friend of mine told me about this band, I really love it, I'm obsessed with it & I'm super grateful.