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Just heard the light behind your eyes on the radio here in EGYPT !!

all said in the title xD .. just wanted to share that with you :D ... miss you all

I miss you aaaaaall

first I wanna apologize for the late messages .. I was on a vacation with my family ... I was forced to go ... I think we spent two or more weeks together ... made me realize I wanna be anything in the world except be like them ... made me also realize I hate my cousin ... & how I need a new cell phone
So it was one of the worst days of my life .. but I'm not sad or depressed .. because tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan .. it's the month Muslims fast in :D ... I'm not that religious .. but all Muslims like this month :D
ohhh I can't believe how much I missed it here

Now that my worries are gone .. back to stealing posts :P

[X] You know how to make a pot of coffee
[] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[] You own a credit card
[] You know how to change the oil in a car
[] You’ve done your own laundry
[] You can vote in an election (I know I have been talking about presidential election in my country .. but I'm under 18)
[] You can cook for yourself
[X] You think politics are interesting
[X] You show up for school late a lot
[X] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket
[X] You’ve never gotten a detention
[X] You have forgotten your own birthday
[X] You like to take walks by yourself
[] You know


We know now who is our president .... he is the one supporting the revolution .... so re leaved .. hope it all goes well know .... at least no one would think of using violence
El hamdullellah (this thanks God in my mother language)

I'm abnormal

So I live in a main street ... there are cars like 24/7 they never shut up .... it's all noisy .. & I got used to it .. it doesn't annoy me
So right now in this moment I'm typing in just a few meters away from my house .. a taxi driver got killed (rumors say he's a man that escaped prison) ... so the two way street is now one way .. crying and screaming fill the air .. all ppl in my building are scared to death .. & just cant stay still ... & um like "yeaaah some adventure"
Am I wrong not to be scared ??? ... I've experienced tear gas ... gun shots .. car explosions .. I've seen death in

I feel empty

After several Hours our new president will be announced .. there were two in the last elections .. one with the revolution & one against it that pretends to be with it
Everyone is super terrified .. if the one that's against the rev. wins ... some people threatened to use violence .. so I should be terrified too .. or at least eager to know my new president .. but I'm not I'm just like A bottle that was full of water (my passion for every thing .. not just my country) but now ... nothing !

So what I decided is .... to keep hearing sing it for Japan because Gerard said that they were doing it


If you were a rockstar,

You would play:
[] Guitar/Bass
[] Drums
[x] Sing
[] Backing singer
[] Other

You would act:
[] Cocky
[] Adorable
[] Charming
[X] Dark
[] Funny
[] Sexy
[] Quiet
[x] Loud
[] Camera shy
[] Serious

You would marry:
[ ] Someone you knew before you were famous
[ ] Another celebrity
[ ] A fan
[X] Wait until you find the right person

You would be known for:
[x] Your appearance
[] How well you played
[X] Your personality
[] For playing in a really famous band

Which 'one' would you be?
[] The adorable one
[X] The Sassy one
[] The peaceful one
[] The quiet one

What quote would you


So .. have you heard about the petition some jerks try to make to get Frank in jail ?? .. it's because of the lyrics of the song "5th period massacre" by Leather Mouth !! How could anyone be scared from a song .. I mean .. when first heard the song I didn't understand a word . here's the link

My new FB cover

This is my new FB cover .. I dunno who made it .. but it's an admin of an MCR page :D .. what do you think of it ??

I have the worst luck everrrrrrr

I was making tea for my Dad .. & boiled water fell on my both hands ! hurts like hell .. I think it's gonna make that bubble :((