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weekend over already!

So i just started upper school about two days ago, it's alright so far i just haven't really made any new friends yet,im kinda shy when it comes to meeting new people.there is a girl in my class who likes mcr! she drew pictures of the band and they were really gd,the only thing is she's a year older than me so i don't think she would want to hang out with me or anything :(. but hopefully i'll settle in and make new mates :D.also i saw the blog about emilykilljoy22,just wanted to say everyone from the mcrmy cares about u,keep strong and don't give up :)

Happy anniversary Gerard and Lyn-z!

it's still the 3rd in England but ohwell just wanted to say happy 5th anniversary to gerard and lyn-z hope you have many more amazing years together!<3

quick post :)

so people are saying were not killjoys anymore including me,but then i realized i'll always be a killjoy just because the DD era is over doesn't mean we can't still enjoy it right?

so curious!!

i can't wait to find out what the new albums gonna b like!

New era yay!

Hi guys
so this is the first time i'v posted on here,i'v been a fan of my chem for about a year and a bit now,dunno why it took me so long to make an account lol.but i just wanted to say im so excited about the website change,this means a new era and album is soon right?? I CAN'T WAIT OMG!:D but R.I.P DD and to all of us being killjoys :(