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Gossip, oh how I hate it

Long story short, I was eating dinner with my family and my mom asked if my friend (a guy who also plays tenor sax) joined marching band.
Me: No, he's going to [Catholic school's name]
My sister: He's another one that get called gay a lot, like [guy's name].
Mom: Is he?
My sister: I think the both are.
Me: [sax player] has a girlfriend.
Mom: Someone I know who's gay had girlfriends before he knew. Or admitted it.
My sister: I think [second guy] is in denial.

What the fuck? You can't know! Just because they might show the slightest stereotype doesn't mean they're gay! My sister doesn't know I'm bi, so yeah. No filter. But my mother knows! Come on!

Never give in,
Revenge Angel

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hello there, let me tell you what just pissed me off

I used to have an account here but was forced to take it down (long story). Well, a certain something has pissed me off enough to have the guts to come back here. My sister.

Oh, my sister.

When she came up the stairs she snobbily asked, "Can you help me with this?" Not even looking away from the computer I replied, "With what?" Well, it was just hanging up wet clothes. No need for her to be so irritated. So I went to the closet and started taking out hangers (which is no easy task, seeing how short I am) and tossing them on the ground near her to use. Well apparently one hit her. She angrily stomped over and slapped me with the hanger! Then, she refused to hang up any more clothes. I said, "Well I didn't mean to hit you." So she yelled, "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK."