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remembermewhenimgone's blog

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Head banging siblings ^_^

Last night, both my sister and I recorded a video of us head banging to some mcr songs XD bahahaha it was so awesome, we watched it again and it was really hilarious hahaha i just wanted to ask you guys if you wanted to watch it?? Hahaha if so, i might be able to put it up on youtube and put in the link in my next blog XD hehe i just wanted to see what you guys say about it. Comment below, please? :3

hewwo v_v

hey everyone *waves awkwardly*
Im new to this page, i decided to make an account because i just realised how ill never be able to go to a concert Y_Y that was actually the reason it took a while for me to make an account anyway, i just wanted to say hello to everybody this is really awkward, i sort of feel like I'm intruding because i joined after they... T__T but its not that, i just want someone to talk to about them, because everyone i talk to either doesn't care or have forgotten my long life dream of ever meeting them, and now I'm ranting sorry. Goodnight everyone.