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So Long Sweet Summer

Summer was suppose to star at the month of March
But this year is abnormal(maybe because of climate change lol)
It starts earlier
January is the start of our summer for this year!!

The first picture was me and my 2nd mom(my aunt)
Well she treats me like her son
We celebrated her short vacation here in Philippines and at the sam time, her return to Ireland
Yes she is working as an asst.nurse manager there
The resort was cool because it's private!

then the second and last was a picture of me and my little brother
I'm teaching him how to swim, though she is just four
I don't know if it's great, or crazy
ohh it was just taken a couple of hours ago
and the first picture was taken at the month of January

yeah i had a great day now
my little brother was so cute and i want to tickle him all the time
but on the other hand, my face was burned by the heat of the sun!!

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Call to Arms

There's no point to keep your head face down
When all we see and know and feel is temporary
Spread your arms and keep your head held high
Good things are better taken in
The less you notice

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no more CAPTCHA!!

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I'm not promoting, just sharing how I feel

yesterday,I've been in two malls just to search for this album
After seeing this I felt happy, very happy..
this album was great, and also the artist
I'll not mention the title
Even the name of the band
I don't want MCR will get mad at me
though they are incomparable because they have different style..
hope no offense for whatever I've said
and I guess, it's only available in here in asia
woow hope tommorow, I'm searching for MCR's latest album =)

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what's up with you guys?

ohh the community is not strongly active now huh?
what's up for those who still awake?
me, well i'm awake because, it's just afternoon here..
what am i doing?
just indulging mself with the music of urbandub..
and drinking some mountain dews..
hope tommorow, i'll be an acidic kid..
ohh just kidding..

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lyrics sharing (i'm so bored!)

Breathe Again

This one's for you
You know who you are the one who's song (Isn't mine anymore)
So here I stand right outside your door
And I'm waiting for you.

Holding onto you
The things you never knew
Ocean should never come between the sun and the moon
And time, should never matter
To me and you.

I'll be the ghost beside you
Let me take your hand (But you don't feel a thing)
Wanted to stay
So I could make you breathe again (If you let me).

Praying for a sign
Kiss me one more time
Ocean should never come, between the sun and the moon
In time, nothing will ever matter
To me and you.

I still feel
I still love
Remember that, I still feel
I still love you.

I just wanted to stay
I wanted to stay.

chicosci is also one of my favorite band

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Apology (for rule no.3)

I made a comment that rule no.3 is stupid
well sorry, i got it wrong,
it never comes to my mind that this site can be an instrument of suicide
yeah, i've read some wherein you can see, that there's a tendency of suicide for them

now, I'm up with rule no.3(well i can't call it as a rule, but a note or a reference)
yes we can be a help for our fellows who are in danger
but professionals are really help.

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Rules are Everywhere

good thing now that there are rules now here in this very site
well.. rules are necessary, it is a human nature that we are making stupid things
that's why there are laws everywhere around the world!!

why am I saying this?
well I'm just happy that we have rules now...=)
that's all

but in the other side, i never spam links here
but why I got a problem in posting blogs on previous months?

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For those who have msn out there..

hey add me up!
here's my addy

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Sorry for stealing, just wanna try,

1. smoked. (X)
2. consumed alcohol. (x)
3. slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex. (x)
4. slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex. (x)
5. kissed someone of the same sex. (X )
6. had sex. ( X)
7. had someone in your room other than family. (x)
8. watched porn. (x )
9. bought porn.(X )
10. tried drugs. ( )
1. taken painkillers. ( )
2. taken someone else’s prescription medicine. ( )
3. lied to your parents. (x)
4. lied to a friend. (x)
5. snuck out of the house.(x)
6. done something illegal. (x)
7. felt hurt. (x)
8. hurt someone. (x)
9. wished someone to die. (X)
10. seen someone die. (X )
1. missed curfew. (x)
2. stayed out all night. (x)
3. eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself. ()
4. been to a therapist. ( )
5. been to rehab ( )
6. dyed your hair. (X)
7. received a ticket. ( )