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One Word: Melting

It's HOT. I mean H. O. T. Weather man says we'll be in the triple digits this week, as the commercial just said "dangerously hot." I got to spend a few minutes outside before it got really bad, just came in actually. It's the only place I can sing lately and not bother anyone. So, yeah, lingered outside belting out my renditions of songs by Regina Spektor, Nickelback, Evanescence, a whole bunch of others, and of course, MCR. I sounded terrible 'cause I couldn't hear myself very well through my headphones and nature tends to eat up the sound so I got nothing back.

The Woes of a College Senior

The title says it all. This summer is busy, busy, busy and flying by. I still have a list of things to do, big and small, before classes start again in August, the start of my last year. Ah, bittersweet. Anyways, I've been trying to do my reading for my thesis. And get ready to take the GRE (shudder) and I'm dreaming of an awesome grad school in the north. I've never been this determined before, not even when I was graduating from high school. I only applied to one school and I got in. No worries.

OMG-Don't Look Now: It's Frenemy Part 12!

I should have posted this weeks ago, but I'm lazy and I had exams and stuff, but, as it's said, better late than never, right? Enjoy! And I'll have the next part out a little sooner. Visit my page if you're not sure what the heck's going on and get caught up. :D This Redhead is out. Peace.
Now, ladies and gents, drum roll if you please...

The first week found me constantly tied up and sitting on that chair. Despite my discomfort, I saw into the world outside BLI. They survived the best way they could while hiding.


Sitting at the hospital, waiting for my grandpa to go through his knee surgery. It's going to be a long day. The surgery unit is running behind and no one is really here yet. Doesn't matter. I'll sit on my behind all day long for my grandpa-best man in the world! :D He's been getting ready for this surgery since the end f May and I think he's ready for it to be done and over with. Everyone keeps asking if he's "okay", but he's as cool as a cucumber and doing just fine. It's not his first surgery, and I think the heart surgery he had was probably more terrifying than this simple knee surgery.

Rain rain go away...

No, don't go away, we need the rain, anything to keep the heat at bay for a little while longer. Although, the humidity gets ten times worse. I hate living in the south-the summers are unbearable.
Woke up to lots of thunder and down pour rain this morning. And no AC :( But now it's working and I'm soaking it up instead of the sun 'cause it's too stuffy to go outside now, what with temperatures rising into the high 80s, maybe even the 90s. I'll stop complaining about the heat now. I'll be doing that all summer long.
My nephew found my 20 questions game.


So I'm sitting at home waiting for the semester to start again. In August. My summers are never interesting, not since maybe 2004 when we went to Michigan for my cousin's graduation. I'm supposed to be working on my thesis so I can graduate next year (Woot!) but I'm lazy. Really lazy. And that's not going to get those ten pages written by time the semester starts. (I think I'm trying to pep myself up but it's failing. :P).
Well, had some family down about two weeks ago. It was all right. Enjoyed seeing them, but felt really awkward.

~Insert Something Witty Here~

It's official, I'm a senior. The class of 2012 graduated today and has now left the stage empty for the class of 2013. Well, if my grades are passing then I'm a senior. No worries though. Wow-I'm almost done with college. Then it's off to grad school. Joy.
Waiting for the fam to arrive. They're visiting from Michigan for a week. Yay. Notice the lack of enthusiasm. Love my family, don't get me wrong, but it's not like they'll be around for long. Just a "hi" and a "bye" and then they're gone. But, yeah, it's nice to see them.
Summer has begun.

Summer: The Light @ the End of the Tunnel

Yeah, it's exam week and I'm ready for it to be over with. Today's exam is pretty cool though. I get to present a powerpoint about a movie I wouldn't normally watch. I'm so glad I took this psych course; credit for watching movies and applying psychology to it-fun!
Anyways, I wanted to let you all know, Frenemy part 12 (I think that's right-sorry my brain is a little "eh" right now) will be coming out soon, as I keep saying.

Summer is nearing!

Finally, the last week of classes. Then exams, but that won't be too bad, at least I hope it won't. Then summer vacation! Yay! Although spending my entire summer working on my thesis is not going to be that much fun. I probably won't be able to look at a Thomas Hardy book for a long while by time I'm finished with this paper.
Went to see an awesome play last night. Only downfall was it being performed outside while rain is moving into the city and pouring down on us as well as the fact the warm temperatures have disappeared and it was freezing!

Why won't the pause button work?!?!?!?

For those that have been reading my story, Frenemy, I'll be posting the next part soon now that things at home and school are starting to calm down a tiny bit. Thank you for reading, too. It means a lot.
In other news,this past weekend was kind of fun. I hung out with my bestie, went to Sofaapoloza, which is a music event put on by my college, and got up at 5:30 in the morning to go pick up six dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts, which, as if you really want to know, I absolutely hate.