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If only, if only...

If only what my little nephew said last night could somehow be so. I told him I had to work my butt off today so I can be ready for classes Monday. He told me I couldn't do that, I had to be with my friends. When I asked him what friends I thought he'd say Gina or Mercy, two of my best, oldest, and closest friends that come up in conversation a lot. Instead he named Gerard, Mikey and Frank (no Ray, sad face). He told me they would be on campus then that they had to be on the stage. He said it with such conviction it was so adorable.

Vlog and Graduation

Monday ends the summer countdown. I start my fourth and final year of college. I am both super excited and super nervous. Can't wait though. I'm ready to get this done and over with. So as the summer countdown ends, another begins, counting down the days to GRADUATION!!!!
In light of the final year of my college life, I'm thinking about starting a vlog. Yup, a vlog featuring boring ole me and detailing my uneventful life. Sounds like a Blockbuster hit, right? Haha. I'm not sure how it will look or anything, but if I'm going to do it, I'm starting it on Monday. Fingers crossed.
Yesterday, I

Hi. :D

Been a long day with nothing happening. Got some more of my textbooks. Just waiting for one more to come in. Class starts Monday. Senior year. Excited and nervous. Mostly about my thesis. Then I get to look forward to grad school. Oh boy.
Nothing much going on around here. Just hot. REALLY HOT. So I'm going to stay cool and hope everyone else is somewhere far from this heat.
This Redhead is out.

So Bored!

Title says it all. There is nothing to do. Walked to pick up my niece from school with my mom and nephew. My nephew looked adorable in the wagon we let him ride in since his stroller is craptastic. The walk wore me and my mom out. I think we walked over two miles (there and back total). Great exercise, but, OMG when we got back to the house. I got a huge bruise on my hand from hitting the handles of some pans on the counter 'cause my eyes hadn't adjusted yet to the indoor lighting. I even poured ice all over the freezer. Total klutz. Now I'm home and bored out of my mind.
Well, that's that.

My Bestie is Awesome! (It's a Fact) :D

Heard from one of my old high school besties yesterday. God I miss hanging out with him on a daily basis. We used to have good times. We still do through text messaging, but hanging out together was always a blast. We talk about the most random things, like the Power Rangers (the original). Total 90s kids here.
Drove to Jackson, TN today because we felt like it. It wasn't too bad of a drive. We ate at Casey Jones, walked the mall, and then drove all the way back. My legs hurt, I'm so stiff. I was supposed to finish my thesis reading today, but I couldn't focus when I got back so I didn't.

STOP messing with my senior year!!!!

A little over a week is left before school starts again. I thought everything was set and ready when I get an e-mail telling me one of my most needed classes has been canceled. NO!!!!! So I march up to the registrar's office. I had to drop a class to make room for the Spanish class and then I had to add another to keep my full time status or I'd lose my award money. Can't happen. But I got it all taken care of. I've been in this college since 2009 and my schedule and stuff has not been messed with once. Now I get to my senior year and they want to screw with everything.

I See the End of Summer Coming Closer

Summer is winding down and school is soon to start. My niece has already gone back and came home to tell me she has my 8th grade science teacher for some of her classes. Weird. Then I get invited to my high school senior year choir director's baby shower where some of my friends are hoping for a mini reunion. Don't know if I'm going to go or not. Can't really afford a gift 'cause I don't start work until the end of the month. I don't know. I'll just have to see what happens. Okay, I need to get back to work on my thesis. And stop boring everyone with the details of my dull life.
Redhead out.

Frenemy Part 16

Enjoy. :)
Redhead out.

I called Sashay that night. I talked her out of coming over, thankfully. I loved her dearly, but I didn't want compant right then.
"What was it like?" she asked after I convinced her not to bother.
I shrugged, mostly for my benefit. "Like living in the hot, dusty desert. They hated my guts, I ignored them. ow they're dead and it's all over."
"Were you scared?" she pressed in a breathless whisper.
I luahged. "At first, but once I realized they weren't going to kill me and that the fear was mutual, no." I hesitated, afraid to continue my thought.

Woot! Woot!

Got to work today in the writing center so there's a little money, yay. But it meant getting up early, boo. Might as well get used to it though, classes start in a few weeks. Which is why I'm happy. I finalized today and I have all my money verified with the financial aid office. The biggest thing, though, is that it's my SENIOR YEAR! That's why I'm super psyched. A college senior. It feels sooo weird to be at this point...again. But it will be kind of sad for the first semester; my bestie is going off to study abroad and will leave me all alone. D: Super sad face.

Good Morning :D/Physic Fortune Cookie

Got some time alone at the house for a little bit this morning. Nice. Gave me an opportunity to blast some music and sing along without bothering anyone. Yay! Plus it gave me time to work on my thesis. Big smile.
The fam went out to eat yesterday at a Chinese restaurant. We got our fortune cookies before we left and everyone's said something silly. Like my niece's said something about getting a higher intelligence-yeah, school starts next week. Mine told me "soon wedding bells are in a family's member's future." Well, no duh.