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Thesis-A New Form of Torture

I'm going to be talking about my stupid thesis alot, until December, so get used to it. It's a huge PAIN, even more so since I've discovered English/English Education/Creative Writing majors are the only ones required to complete one. Not even the history majors have to do any knid of critical work. WHAT? I'm going to go crazy with all this work and research I have to do on top of my regular classes. 20 pages. 20! I feel like just, I don't know, something. Hiding under my bed until December and then jump out all suave with a completed paper. Smee, that's never gonna happen.

Like Beauty, Perfection is in the eye of the beholder

Reading through some of my research, and this quote popped out at me: "And it was the touch of the imperfect upon the would-be perfect that gave the sweetness, because it was that which gave the humanity." -Thomas Hardy in Tess of the d'Urbervilles. I don't know why that stuck out to me. Maybe, partly, because of the MCR trailer for SING where it's asked at the end: Would you destroy something perfect just to make it beautiful? These quotes just resonant with me because they're true in some sense. Please don't ask me to elaborate 'cause my brain hurts from school. Just trusting my gut here.

Came Home to a Tornado Watch - D:

Yup, tornadoes. Not in our area, but all around us. Storms heading our way, though. :( But we really, REALLY need the rain.
Got out of the house today and got to see my nephews and my eldest sister for a little while. Went back to my hometown, Union City, TN. Haven't been there in months. It's so weird going back. I left when I was six and have lived in a big city ever since. We stopped at a Ryan's to eat, and people kept staring at us. I guess it was obvious we were city people. I don't know- it's always weird going back. People recognize my mom, my grandpa, or my older sister.

Issac Brought Rain and The Hunger Games

Hurricane Issac has been beating the coast with rain and wind. I don't live near the coast, but I live close enough to feel the effects. Right now it's raining and thundering heavy outside after a long day of teasing wind and extreme heat. But we need the rain. Where I'm at has been affected by the drought.
My mom surprised me last night. We all wanted to see Hunger Games in the theater, but we never got to go and then the DVD came out, but, you know, money. But last night, she came back from the store with the movie and then proceeded to tell me it was mine.

Flying Away

I wish I was flying away to somewhere-Ireland, England, Australia, ANYwhere that's away from Tennessee. Unfortunately, this plane is too small to carry me away, lol. I painted my nephew's Styrofoam airplane because I was bored. I let him pick the colors, which were limited because all my paint supplies has pretty much either been used up or dried out. But, see for yourself, the finished piece. I think it rocks, but I'm bias since I painted it. :-)
This Redhead is OUT.

Sitting in Oz

Yeah, well, I wish. But I am sitting in the green writing center waiitng for someone to need my help. One word: DULL. But that does mean I get to watch the Professional Griefers video a dozen and one times-plus side. And I should (note the word should) be working on class stuff, but I'm lazy, and after the week's stuff with my thesis, I think I deserve a little down time. For a very short while.
Loving school (except for that thorn in my side called a thesis). Distantly counting down the days to graduation already.


Okay-new website design-love it. It's so...slick. Plus I hope it's a sign about the new album covertly named MCR5. I became a fan during Danger Days, but I love all the music to the very beginning and cannot wait to see what comes next. MCR gets me through my tough days unlike any band I've listened to before. Stoked to see what's coming next!!!!!
This Redhead is out.

What a beautiful thing it is to have direction!!!!!!!

Just came from my meeting with my thesis advisor about my paper. He helped me so much!
Everything that I had muddled on 9 1/2 pages suddenly came together easily and made sense. Apparently I'm not heading too far off in the wrong direction. I just needed to reel it in a bit. I feel like there's a load off my shoulders....for now.
Anyways, yeah, that's my life. Freaking out over a twenty page paper and trying to keep up with everything else happening in my life. Thank goodness it's a three day weekend 'cause I need a minute to breathe.
Redhead out.

Been a few days...

Hi! It's been a while since I was on here. My computer is acting wonky and every time I try to come to the site, it doesn't want to load because of my issue. Anyways, sitting here on campus, waiting for my first class to start. Yay. Start work today-YAY! Money in the pocket. Haha. Yeah. I meet with my thesis advisor today. I hope he can help me 'cause I have no idea, and I mean NO idea, what I'm doing.
Just wanted to say Hi!
All right. This Redhead is out.

Day Number Two

Apparently my blog from yesterday did not post :(. Not that anything important was in it. Just the complaint that summer ended and school started. Today is Day 2 (don't know why I wrote it that way) and it it now over, early I might add. Total excited about my classes this semester, I should be seeing as it's my next to last one. I don't know if I should be happy or sad about that.
I'm waiting to get my thesis advisor so I can write an awesome paper to get me outta underdrad and into grad school. Fingers crossed!