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Not too much longer now...

So, it's November. I registered for my last semester of classes last night, or should I say this morning, at 12:01. I signed up for every class I need and I got them, no problem, seniors lucky enough to get first pick. You would think they want to get rid of us quick or something since we've been here for three years, haha. Anyways, I'm all registered and set up. Thanksgiving break is next week, and before that, my thesis is due this Wednesday. I promise, no more blogs about my thesis except for the defense and to enthuse or whine about my grade.

I'm tired of seeing good people get hurt-Warning: this is a rant

Yeah, so, one of my writing center co-workers is being treated unkindly and unfairly by her roommate. Watching her cry broke my heart today. Why do people have to be so mean to people that are kind, honest, openhearted, and all the rest? This girl would never intentionally hurt anyone and yet she is being blamed for a load of bull crap that she would NEVER say or do. The poor girl is being so thrown off by what is going on it's affecting her school work. She is an A student, a wonderful writer, and a hard worker and this girl's BS is bringing her down into a bad place.

Poetry Slam Competition

Judged a poetry slam today for my alum. It was amazingly fun!!!! Hanging with my best friend and listening to poetry was fun. The winner deserved it and I am praying she wins the competition overall. I think she deserves it. Her emotion was clear as she read and the only thing holding her back was the need of her poem to be written down.
I discovered my best friend is somewhat a celebrity. One girl acted like he was a Hollywood star. I loved seeing it because he deserves it. His writing is amazing and his performance draws you in and makes you want more. He's THAT good.

Thursday can't get here fast enough!!!!

I cannot wait for tomorrow. Once I finish on campus and helping the nursing program with their event, I get to go to my old high school and judge a poetry slam. And my best friend is going to be there judging with me!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!! I haven't seen him in ages and I get to see my high school freshman English/Journalism teacher. I was so excited when I got the message from her. She made my night. I just cannot wait. I haven't been back there for any reason since my first year of college. Tomorrow night is going to FUN. I am looking forward to it more than anything.
Going to play some video

Watin' for the library to open

So I'm on campus already waiting for the library to open so I can get my hands on a copy of the DSM and finish writing my psych paper. Schizophrenia. An interesting topic. Watched a movie called Spider which I really suggest as a movie to watch. It takes a while, but soon the movie starts to pick up and make sense, but, warning, it doesn't happen till the end so you'll have to deal with weirdness.
Anyways, I'm here, been here since 7:20, and the library doesn't open until 7:45. I have eight minutes left to go. I just need one book for about ten minutes and I'll be good to go.

Back to class on Monday...

Fall break ends on Monday and I'm back in class. Didn't get much done as far as school work goes, but we're nearly done moving out of our house. It feels so weird. I was seven when we moved into it and now I'm 21 and moving out. It's so strange. I remember the first time I walked in and got settled in my bedroom. Then I moved to another room and that room became my mother's and now it's empty. So strange. I can't get over how empty the house is when for fourteen years it has been about to burst with all our stuff. Well, that chapter is closing and we're settling in my grandfather's condo.

I'm Back from Nowhere

Yeah, I've been around, but not on here, which really stinks. My computer crashed about a week ago and I'm finally getting my new one up and running. I love it. It is so much nicer than my old one and bigger. I can see what's on my screen without squinting! Anyways, yeah, my internet connection has been slow and last time I was on this site, it took forever to load so I didn't bother to try and attempt to log in. But it worked fine today, so hello everyone!
Can't wait for Halloween. Favorite time of the year. I think I have a costume in mind, but not sure.

It's Been too Long

I haven't been on here in a while. Simple reason: busy. Senior year of college is way more intense than my senior year in high school. Whatever-I'm only about two months and a semester away from GRADUATION!!!!!
It really started to feel like senior year Tuesday when I ordered my class ring. It will be here in November so I can wear it everyday!!! I can't wait. It's really pretty and the stone in it was originally supposed to be an amythest, my birthstone, but I saw it with an onyx stone and I had to have it that way. Can't wait for it to get here. Simply cannot.
Moving is almost done.

Moving HURTS

Been helping to move to a new place and my lower back and thighs are KILLING me. It doesn't help that I'm running a million and one boxes up stairs. And furniture. My sister and I had to carry a hutch up to the second floor. That's what hurt my back. I had to use a heating pad to get it to stop hurting last night so I could sleep. It hurt so much to even MOVE. I've never hurt that much before. Not even when I fell out of the back of my mom's Ford explorer in the middle of the parking lot in front of H H Gregg and bruised my tailbone.

He Shares His Birthday with His Favorite Person :D

My nephew turned 4 today!!!! and while checking out the community page on here I discovered it's Mikey's too (happy birthday!!!) It's so weird. My nephew's favorite person shares his birthday. I am floored by it and love it all at once. Happy Birthday, little man, you're amazing!!!!!!! And Happy Birthday to an awesome bassist!!!
Redhead out.