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"I like my coffee black just like my metal . . ."

The lines from the song I was listening to ("Shut Me Up"-Mindless Self Indulgence). Just sitting around in the library waiting for Cultural Anthropology to start. I'm kind of dreading it because I'm sure that annoying guy is going to be there. Ugh, he's really starting to get on my nerves and I'm a pretty tolerant person. Anyways, there's more important things in my life than a guy who can't take a hint. My aunt is in ICU. I was told she had a heart attack, but now I'm not so sure exactly what happened to her.

What makes you so bad to the bone?

Title not related to my post, just a random thought. :P
Anyways, sitting in the Writing Center and listenng to Conventional Weapons because I have no clients to tutor. Don't have to go in for my other tutoring job again until next week. So, yeah . . . I'm bored. So bored in fact, I'm downloading a movie from Flixster that probably will finish just in time for me to go to class. That stinks. But at least it will be downloaded for later.
Nothing is really going on.

Crazy Weather Tuesday

It is freezing and ice is heading our way around noon. All the schools are either closed or closing early, and I'm on campus waiting for my 11 o'clock class to begin so I can go home. It's nasty outside. I started my job at the high school across the street from my college today. The kids remind me of my high school class, and the teacher I'm working with reminds me of my freshman honors English/Journalism teacher Mrs. Mars. She was awesome and still is. I'm still in contact with her :). Anyways, I digress.

So, I'm taking Cultural Anthropology this semester for some general education requirements and today we were talking about linguistics and the different areas of study. One of the areas looks at where languages branched off and changed. Well, my professor's example happened to be the first few opening lines of "The Canterbury Tales". Of everyone in my class, only a handful took the class a few semesters ago and my prof called on me to read it in the old Middle-English for the entire class.


The title says it all. I guess I got through my interview last Friday. I got the e-mail this morning and could not stop smiling, even when I got soaked in the rain walking to class. I'm so ecstatic! I got the job! Yay! I start tutoring next week. :D
Redhead out.

I Meet this Guy. . .

So, I was standing outside my anthropology class this morning and this guy comes up to me.I recognize him from Monday's class. I'm reading Dante's Vita Nuova and he mentions Inferno. I reply and go back to reading. He keeps talking. It was weird. He told me he found it easy to talk to redheads and proceeded to tell me about hair color in his family. I wasn't very responsive because I was reading Dante, and he informs me he is trying to make small talk and I tell him I'm not "much of a chatterbox" (exact words) and went back to my book.

A Few Days Gone By. . .

Nothing much happening in my world lately. Love the new Conventional Weapons releases. Listening to them right now while I put off doing my reading because I just don't want to read anymore. I'm going to be doing a LOT of reading this semester. But at least it's all easy stuff--so far. Once the papers start getting into the mix though, I probably will start to get behind in the reading assignments.
I think my writer's block is finally letting up. I've written two poems since Monday which I'm taking as a good sign. I missed writing while I was writing my thesis.

Frnemy Part 19

To celebrate the beginning of my spring semester I thought I'd post the next part of Frenemy. It's kind of short so if you want to catch up or start from the beginning, check out it out at: Thanks for reading. Redhead out.

Back in the desert. I was bored. I stopped my bike in the shadow of a rock out cropping. I yanked off my mask, gulping the dry air. I hated the stupid mask; I felt like I was suffocating. Then again, everything about BLI was suffocating. I hung my mask on the handlebar, knocked the kickstand in place, and slipped off.

Having an "I can't believe this is happening!" Moment :D

Just checked my e-mail for school and received a message from one of the directors on campus offering me a tutoring job that will last the entire semester. I can't believe it! I'm waiting to hear from the director about an interview and then I'll know for sure if I've got it. I'm so excited about this! I couldn't believe the e-mail when I read. I'm grateful to my supervisor for putting my name out there for this job. I owe her a huge thanks! Wish me luck!
Redhead out.
(I really cannot believe this is happening!)

Hello, 2013

The new year has begun and along with it a number of countdowns. The two biggest: graduation and my birthday. Graduation is four months and ten days away. This is probably how far my countdown will go until I reach April. And then my birthday is exactly one month and twenty-two days away. I will be twenty-two and it's weird. I keep growing up, but I still feel like a kid. I guess that's a good thing though. I laugh at my older sister when she flips out about being in her early thirties. She freaked out once because she found a white hair. Whoop-de-do. It's called getting older.