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The Countdown Begins...

With the end of Thanksgiving and the coming of Christmas, one thing stands in the way of an easy going time: exams.Once the turkey is off the table, the books come out and for at least the first week or so of December, Christmas is the farthest thing from my mind. I don't think I can manage to squeeze in gift ideas with all the technical garble that'll be vying for my attention. In the word's of MCR: "Get me outta my head/'Cause it's feeling kinda cramped, ya know" (Bulletproof Heart- Danger Days)
Okay-back to the books...Unfortunately

Holiday Cheer

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Gonna enjoy that turkey and those cranberries. And of course the pumpkin pie. LOL. Next is Christmas-what fun. Can't wait to watch the little ones dive under the tree Christmas morning. Well, the holiday season is officially here.

Background Music

"Teenagers" is the perfect song to have playing in the background when you're studying childhood and youth, especially the 1920s. Makes you realize that we all had a moment in time when we were teens and scared the crap outta the older generation(s) and didn't care one lick about it. That's a funny thought.


Another triple date. 11-11-11. Read an article about the number 11 and apparently today is a great day to buy that lotto ticket and look for that peace the world is missing. Anyhow, just thought I'd throw that out there. Enjoy 11-11-11, it's supposed to be a "mystical" day.

Just Musing...

So, been thinking a lot about music lately. It's such a large part of me. There is so much to music than just a bunch of funny blots on lines. It can speak so much to a number of people and no one reads the lyrics or hears the harmony and melody the same way. Yeah, just thought I'd put that out there.
Music rocks!
Done now.

Happy Halloween

Well, it's Halloween again. I love this time of year. It's cool and the leaves have fallen. Halloween is the perfect holiday for just having fun. Plus it's a sign Thanksgiving isn't too far away! But, anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :D

Hunting Failure

Okay, I started listening to MCR over this past summer and I love their music. I went to the store to purchase their album-any of them- and found only a slot card and no albums, and that's if I was lucky. I guess that's one thing about living in the south. You want rap, hip-hop, blues-great, awesome, you're covered. But a good alternative rock band-order it off the internet. At least there was Youtube in the mean time.