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What's with all the hate?

Okay, so I was in the bookstore the other day. I stood in the mile long check out line near a table set up by some high school kids wrapping gifts as a fundraiser. I was talking with my friend who was still browsing the tables nearby when I heard the boy sitting there say he didn't understand why anyone would give a book as a Christmas gift. Then he proceeded to say he'd throw the book away if he received one. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! His companion said she'd do the same. Seriously? I wished my ears had been messed up.

An Enjoyable Day

Today was AWESOME. Spent it with my bestie, just hanging out around town. We hit the movies, tried a new restaurant, I had my first crepe (they're okay-don't get why everyone's so hyped over them), and did a little shopping. All in all, a really good day to cap off the end of a very stressful week and the end of our fall semester.
The stores were horrible today!!! Everyone's Christmas shopping like mad around here.I found things I wouldn't mind having and almost bought them, except that the line was nearly a mile long.


This week is nearing its end at last. Not that this week was bad or anything. One word will explain it all: exams. I spent the entire week staying up extremely late trying to finish papers that I had to drive up to campus to deliver (why don't profs trust e-mails?????) and then only two written, one of which I didn't even bother really studying for and the other, well, I've heard it all so much I don't really care. Anyways, it's OVER. Finally DONE! I can rest and let everything I learned leak out of my ears while I sleep. :) That, I have to say is the fun part.
And then this weekend is filled

Choir Memories

I was first introduced the composer Eric Whitacre in high school. The first piece I had heard by him was "Sleep" and I was so jealous of our advanced chamber choir because they got to sing it and I didn't. So keeping that in mind, I threw my all into my audition that spring and to my joy I made it. When I received my music, I was ecstatic to find "Sleep" in our repertoire for that year. That song challenged everything I had learned about music over the years. It put my voice to the test.

Papers and the Future-What a combination...

Going crazy from all this research!!!!!!! I just want to scream. I keep telling myself it's almost over, but then I look at the stack of prompts I still have to write a paper for and I feel the dread sinking in. Yikes! Anyways, if I can just push myself to keep it up, I can have it all done soon enough. Then there's the weekend and an unfortunately short break that includes some holidays. I can't wait to just kick back and hang with my family. That's my favorite part. Not to mention watching all the little ones shred wrapping paper all over the house Christmas day.

Oh My My My...

Exam week begins Monday and I still am working on papers. I'm not complaining, though. I'd prefer to write papers than take written exams. It's easier for me to express my thoughts and show what I've learned.
But then Christmas comes!!!!!
And then New Year!!!!!!!
Wow, the year is almost over. This is so hard to believe. This year has been filled with so many ups and downs, so much good and bad, and some unexpected surprises. All I can say is I hope the year is just as exciting!!!!!
Okay, I think I'm done rambling now. Until we meet again,


This is big where I'm at. We don't usually see snow until after the new year starts, but sometimes we get a few flurries before hand, but nothing like we're getting today. Went to bed after hearing the weather man say the snow wouldn't be too much to get hyped over, just some sticking to the grass and houses and stuff, that it would be melting by morning. Wrong! I got up this morning, looked out into the backyard, and the snow was sticking to the grass and patio furniture and still coming down! And it continues to come down as I'm typing this. We might actually get a couple of inches.

A Word (Or Two) on Books

Sat in class today discussing 18th century British novels. We're reading A Sicilian Romance by Anne Radcliffe and it's a good read. In our discussion, my prof brought up modern day Gothic novels. I couldn't remember if some of the books I've read fall in that category and I checked when I got home and sure enough, I have plenty of books sitting on my bookcase that fall under that category. And from what I can tell, at least from the response of my classmates, I seem to be the only one reading the modern Gothic novel.


Don't know why exactly I'm blogging. Don't really have anything to say. It's rained all day. Yay. Done a little Christmas shopping. Yay! It's just been really slow around here the last few days. Maybe once exams are over I'll find something fun to do.
Anyways, I'm out. Sorry for wasting time and space with nothingness.


It's December already? Really? I can't believe another year is about to reach its end.
It's freezing outside. What happened to the bearable temperatures we've been having? Seen some snow flurries the other day, but nothing stuck to the ground, not enough to matter anyways. I laugh when the weather man mentions snow because I know everyone is going to run to the store and stock up as if we're going to have a blizzard or something extreme. Of course it never happens. It's the south.